Michelle Marie Brotherton was born in Geneva, New York but spent her childhood in the city of Schwetzingen in southwestern Germany. Her talent impelled her to experiment with art in high school. With her parents' support she was able to follow her passion and explore visual arts at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. There she earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art and minored in Art History. Although she received a broad education in many art forms at the university, she took a particular interest in printmaking, water-based media, design and photography. Her paintings, already in demand by discerning collectors, draw inspiration from such subjects as urban street art, calligraphy, figurative elements and the power of color. Michelle integrates her motifs into a wide variety of styles and series as one of America's outstanding young contemporary artists.

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Editor-in-Chief Claire will be reading at Elvis Shakespeare Bookstore in Leith, Edinburgh on 1st November 2009, to celebrate the launch of Forest Publications' Golden Hour Book Vol 2. Free entry, beer & books. Come along!

Editor Dave runs the Bowery Book Club, a monthly event featuring young and upcoming poets and fictionistas alike. It takes place in the Bowery Bar, Edinburgh -- for details of the next event, get in touch via submissions@

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Read This News

Dear Read This Readers and Contributors,

There's going to be a pretty major shake-up at Read This HQ very soon, so we thought it was only fair to let you know what we're up to.

Basically, Read This has been producing an issue every month for the past 20 months, and we've had a fantastic time doing it, but the format seems to have exhausted itself -- we receive hundreds of submissions per month now, meaning we often have to turn down material that we really like, which sucks.  We also end up with a bigger workload than we can really handle, and as a result, RT falls behind with its responses to writers, which isn't fair on you guys.

In order to solve this problem, we have decided to do two things.  One: to take a fairly long hiatus -- probably six months, ish -- in which we won't accept any more submissions, and we won't publish any issues.  Hopefully this will give us time to rethink how the magazine will be presented, and to get through the backlog of admin duties and whatnot that we're currently facing!  Secondly, in 2010, we want to bring RT back in a new format -- as a larger magazine which will be published quarterly (three times per year) rather than monthly.  This will allow us to fit in all the stuff we like and mean we reject less work -- it will also up the quality of Read This and draw in more readers for YOUR work!

However, as I say, this isn't going to happen until 2010, and that's a long time for your submission to sit gathering dust in our vaults.  Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we say: we are not currently accepting submissions of written or visual work. We're really sorry about this. We will be back soon, honest.

If you want to keep up to date with what RT is doing, drop us a line to submissions@readthismagazine.co.uk and ask to go on our mailing list -- that way we can tell you when we're going to be back on our feet.  You can also keep an eye on this site for further info, or follow our blog at http://www.readthismagazine.co.uk/onenightstanzas

Apologies again for not being able to look at your work right now... RT needs a holiday! But we still love you and we still want to promote your work in the future!

Until soon, keep up all your great work, and best wishes from the whole Read This team --

Claire Askew
Editor in Chief

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