Adam Hanley is an artist and musician from Belfast. He studied Sound Technology in Liverpool and is currently working as a trainee computer programmer. His artist style is heavily influenced by comic books and often focuses on the female figure. Some of his newer works are currently on display in Canvas gallery in his hometown of Belfast and his music has featured in several dance productions in both Belfast and Liverpool.

Read This Events

After the excitement of The Read This 1st Birthday Party, we're having a rest - so there are no forthcoming RT events scheduled for December, sadly! However, feel free to get in touch via submissions@
if you want to know what we'll be up to in the new year!

In the print issue...

Read This 13 has hit the shelves - and it's another all-poetry issue! We're featuring work by McGuire, Charlotte Chadwick and web-featurer Aditi Machado. We also have a Read This first... our first long poem -- a four-page, sixteen-part masterpiece by Bottom of the World editor Frank Vorassi. Get your hands on a copy!

Issue 9 - July 2008 - Contributors

Ellie Blow is eighteen and reads the same way other people breathe. She's at college, which she can confirm is mostly about drinking competitions and MySpace, and hopes to come to Edinburgh in September to study English Literature. She likes Annie Proulx, joss sticks and the word 'debauchery', and whenever she hears Lovecats by The Cure she feels a little bit sick. In a good way, of course

Sophie Jarman is a fourteen year old high school student from Tasmania, Australia who is inspired by many things; money, debauchery, politics, and her English teacher. She is currently flirting with the idea of life as a merchant banker, but writing is her main passion, a love affair that has lasted longer than all others.
(The Read This eds were rather bemused by the apparently inspirational qualities of the word debauchery! -Ed)

Sean Hewitt is only 17 but has had a keen interest in writing poetry for a few years now. He comes from a little village called Grappenhall in Cheshire, England and enjoys days in the sunshine. After completing sixth form he hopes to go on to study English at university and has aspirations to become a full-time writer.

P.A.Levy has fled his native East End of London to become a recluse in the Suffolk countryside. He has found lots of green things, which is handy as green is one of his favourite colours. He has also stumbled into quite a few brown things, which has generally proved to be rather disappointing. Although published in various magazines he now dedicates a lot of his time trying to control his characters on his ‘Clueless Collective’ web site.

Dave Lewis works as an IT tutor, web designer and photographer in Pontypridd and has always lived in South Wales except for a short spell in Kenya in 1993-1994. In 2007 he set up and launched the Welsh Poetry Competition aimed at discovering new writing talent in Wales and beyond. He is currently working on a novel as well as looking for a publisher for his first poetry collection.

Fiona Sinclair has two obsessions, poetry and handbags. She feels the handbags must be symbolic of something but is not sure what. Twelve years ago she became a teacher by mistake .

Ernest Williamson III (that's Ernest, not Earnest -- a common mistake) is a 31 year old polymath who has published poetry and visual art in over 150 online and print journals. He is a Ph.D. candidate at Seton Hall University.


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