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Procrastination Station #76

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Link love… better late than never!

“Larkin would hate this…”

The brilliant Sam Meekings profiled at FLOTSAM

Edinburgh’s “poetry revival”: on page ten here

I can’t believe I’ve never linked FOUND here (thanks Michael for the suggestion!)

Anon 7 is out, and I’m in it, along with many other fine people!

A poem.

Oh my goodness: bookshelf porn!

What ONS fans and friends’re up to this week… Stephen Nelson at Heine Site // I loved this at a handful of stones // Regina Green at nibble! // Mairi Sharratt’s new project for poetry bloggers — get on board! // and Vulpes Libris reviewed War Games, one of my recent reads.

I loved this letter to a beloved teacher

Victoria is the greatest city ever. I miss it.

Perfectly timed photos (warning: some NSFW)

Amazing photos from Glastonbury 2010

Thanks to Mole for sending me these amazing underwater photos!

I heart Amber Riley.

Michael Winslow is utterly incredible. Thanks Heather!

An Edinburgh legend!

Can I have a pet AT-AT please?

Have a great weekend!

(Photo by Eyetwist)

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Featured Magazines (meets Things I’m Reading Thursday!) #15: Anon

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Anon Magazine
Editors: Colin Fraser, Peggy Hughes
Established: 2003
Based in: Edinburgh
Submit via: this link

Anon is a very different kind of creative writing magazine. The ultimate experiment in unbiased editing, this publication is all about anonymity, as the name suggests. Writers who wish to submit their work must do so via a top-secret electronic ninja submission form, which means that when the editors receive the poems at the other end, the writer’s identity is totally hidden. Anon pride themselves on judging the submissions they receive on merit alone, but they’re also interested in maintaining a dialogue about the wider concerns that surround editorship in general. Indeed, the magazine has divided opinion. However, although the anonymous approach is not to everyone’s taste, Anon has made quite a name for itself with a new editorial team and a run of successful recent issues that were chock-full of brilliant stuff.

As well as the magazine, the Anon team also produce poetry-related podcasts and are actively involved in a huge variety of literary projects in the wider lit community. The latest issue of Anon is the magazine’s seventh outing, and would be an excellent place to start for anyone wanting to find out more about the magazine. You can buy a copy here. Alternatively, the team are currently running a package deal where you can buy Anon 1 and Anon 6 together — a good way to get a feel for the magazine’s origins but also how it’s changed and developed over the years. Anon is also reliant upon funding and donations, so if you have a few spare pennies and fancy donating them to a very deserving literary cause, head in this direction.

Anon has published some of my favourite upcoming poets including former ONS Featured Poets Christian Ward and Juliet Wilson, former Read This Magazine editor Dave Coates, and in the current issue they’ve also published articles by Alastair Cook of this collection, and DISSIMILAR, and even little old me. A highly recommended read and a great wee magazine to appear in — send them some submissions!

Know a zine, journal or other publication that deserves some recognition? Let me know in the comments box or by emailing!

(Photo by OdeToJoi)

Don’t forget to visit The Read This Store, and its sister store, Edinburgh Vintage!

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