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Time out.

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Ginsberg & typewriters

“Most of the poets I know, hearing of a sum of money, translate it not into possessions, but into time — that precious immaterial necessity of our lives. It’s true that a poem can be attempted in brief interstitial moments, pulled out of the pocket and worked on while waiting for a bus or riding a train or while children nap or while waiting for a new batch of clerical work or blood samples to come in. But only certain kinds of poems are amenable to these conditions. Sometimes the very knowledge of coming interruption dampens the flicker. [...] Most, if not all, of the names we know in North American poetry are the names of people who have had some access to freedom in time.”

Adrienne Rich

Guys, I’m taking some time out from online life for a while — especially Facebook — to work on my first collection. You know, properly. You can still get me at

See you on the other side…