The Best of ONS: Year One!

So as I think I’ve already mentioned, 25th August is One Night Stanzas‘ official first birthday! I am absolutely shocked that I’ve managed to get to a full year without getting bored/running out of ideas/losing all my readers, but I owe that partially to you lot — thank you so much for all your support, suggestions, comments and queries, you really do keep the blog running. For those of you who haven’t been with the blog since the beginning, I thought I’d put together a ‘best of the best of ONS’ for your perusal — the biggest, best and most popular posts of the last twelve months. If something tickles your fancy, feel free to comment, the comments boxes are always open! And as always, feel free to get in touch with new suggestions for the blog.

August 2008
How To Find Yourself A Good Pen Name
How to get started: Publishing in Magazines
Submitting to Magazines: A Checklist

Featured Magazines: New Leaf, Open Wide & The Delinquent

September 2008
Rejection Therapy & Dealing with rejection fallout.
The Importance of the Cover Letter
Poets’ Tea Party
Writing A Good Bio
Know Your Writes: Protecting Your Poems From Copyright Infringement
10 Commandments: What to Avoid When Submitting Your Poems
How to write a poem RIGHT NOW
Myths Busted: 10 Poetic Untruths You’ll Probably Have Heard
Quit Procrastinating!
How Do I Know When I’m Ready To Publish My Work?
What’s The Deal With Poetry Readings, “I want to read my poetry in front of an audience, but I’m terrified!” & How to prepare for a poetry reading.
Do I Need A Creative Writing Qualification?
To blog or not to blog?
If you don’t read, you will never be successful
Writing in the face of adversity
Useful advice from writers and editors
Dealing with negative criticism
Featured Magazines:
The Beat, Pomegranate, Brittle Star & Spark Bright
Featured Poets: Chris Lindores

October 2008
Poetry Readings: Prepare to Preamble!
A closer look at pen names
The Lowdown on Poetry Contests: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Poets’ Corner #1
A Celebration of Spoken Word
Unlikely Places To Find Inspiration: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Scary Books
Am I Ready To Workshop?
Poets’ Halloween Party…
Featured Magazines:
Gloom Cupboard, Tontine, New Magazine, Clearfield Review & Bolts of Silk
Featured Poets: Heather Schimel (now Heather Bell!), Eric Hamilton, Hayley Shields

November 2008
Who’s your secret literary crush?
Youth really can = success, even in poetry!
5 common spelling and grammar mistakes you MUST stop making!
You don’t choose your literary heroes, they choose YOU!
How to set up your own poetry workshop
How to bag a creative job
Read This Magazine Turns 1!
Do NOT ban words from your poetic vocabulary!
Famous first words
“Why are my poems always rejected?”
When poetry readings go bad…
Review: Nothing Unrequited Here, by Heather Bell
“Help! My family don’t want me to be a writer!”
Featured Magazines:
Read This Magazine, Bottom of the World
Books That Matter
Inspiration Tips
Featured Poets: William Soule, Amanda McLoughlin, Simon Freedman

December 2008
Constructive Criticism: poetry you don’t actually like…
How to write a great literary CV
Is a songwriter just another kind of poet?
Poets’ Corner #2
Christmas Presents for Poets!
Writerly traditions: the typewriter
When poetry readings go bad… continued!
Inspiration Tips: Writing at Christmas
What’s the deal with self publishing?
New Year’s Resolutions for Poets
2008, The Best Of: Part 1, Part 2, & In 2008, i…
Inspiration Tips: 10 Small Actions To Increase Your Creativity
“Can you recommend a good journal for 2009?”
Taking the plunge: sharing your work with others.
Making a to-do list for 2009
Featured Magazines:
a handful of stones
Featured Poets: Lucy Baker, McGuire, Wendy Kwok, Josh Seigal

January 2009
How to make friends with Procrastination
Writerly Traditions: The Writer’s Circle
How to make the most out of your writers’ group
10 things an emerging poet should do every day
Read This Press and the One Night Stanzas Tip Jar are born
10 poetry-related things you should do in 2009
5 more spelling and grammar mistakes you MUST stop making!
Poets’ Corner #3
Words that should be banned!
Five ways to beat Blue Monday
Five weird and wonderful movies about writers (& your picks!)
Songs about books and writing
Writing through crazy times.
Books That Matter: your picks
10 Commandments: How NOT to conduct yourself in a workshop!
Featured Poets:
Shirla White, Tom Rendell, Kinga Bryzek, Char Runcie

February 2009
How to take a good author photo
Poets for the uninitiated, Part 1
Poets’ Corner #4
How to write a poem for your Valentine
Inspiration Tips: Anti-Valentines
One Night Stanzas Spotlight: Bolts of Silk
How to write to a theme.
An introduction to Visual Poetry
10 things you need to know about being a published poet.
How to write… a sestina.
Read This Press presents: Skin Deep
Featured Magazines:
Dash Literary Journal
Featured Poets: Wade Redfearn, Juliet M Wilson, Richard Wink, Amy Blakemore

March 2009
How to be a greener poet
Review: Tomorrowland by Howard Good
Read This Press presents: You Old Soak (& more)
Favourite Poems from Youtube: Taylor Mali
Favourite Poems from Youtube: Rives
Some tips on reading your poetry aloud
One Night Stanzas podcasted!
Favourite Poems from Youtube: George Watsky
Poets’ Corner #5
The yound Scottish poets “problem”: some possible steps
Featured Magazines:
The Glasow Review
Featured Poets: Ryan Lamon, Morganne Couch, Roger Cornish, Cindy Emch

April 2009
Favourite Poems from Youtube: Sarah Kay
How to get a regret-free literary tattoo: Part 1 & Part 2
How to be a nice guy (or girl) in the poetry world
Guest Post: Writers and Depression
ONS Etsy Finds #1
Favourite Poems from Youtube: Your picks
Found online: Cheryl Maddalena
Guest Post: Writers to Read — Bukowski
Featured Poets:
Matt Raue, Kate Sloan, Phoebe Salzman Cohen, Michael Lee Johnson

May 2009
Dear Editor… how to keep poets on side!
Favourite Poems from Youtube: Billy Collins
Found online: Sue Vickerman
Guest Post: Writers to Read — Billy Collins
Common mistakes young poets make online
Reasons to love… Carol Ann Duffy
Favourite Poems from Youtube: Great Performances
Poets’ Corner #6
How to get a regret-free literary tattoo: Part 3
Favourite Poems from Youtube: The Beat Generation
Featured Magazines:
Form.Reborn, 13 Myna Birds
Featured Poets: Alex Williamson, Mandy Maxwell, Weston T Holder

June 2009
Favourite Poems from Youtube: Rachel McKibbens
How to get a regret-free literary tattoo: Part 4
The secret to writing a nice rejection letter
Favourite Poems from Youtube: Scroobius Pip
Found online: Patricia Young
Writers to Read: Allen Ginsberg
ONS Etsy Finds #2: Ampersands
ONS hosts the Ambulance Box
What’s in a poet’s bag?
ONS hosts the Opposite of Cabbage
Featured Magazines:
The Cadaverine
Meet the typewriters…
Featured Poets: Suzannah Evans, John Ecko, Kerri Ni Dochartaigh, Christian Ward

July 2009
Poets’ Corner #7
10 commandments: what NOT to do at a poetry reading!
Found online: Joanne McKay
What’s your favourite word?
Words of wisdom from Allen Ginsberg
15 Books That Have Stuck
Read This Press presents: Sharks Don’t Sleep
A few people to follow on Twitter…
How to be a poetry ninja
Featured Poets:
Rowena Knight, Eddie Turnstyle, Dunja Nedic, Jess Winch

Here’s to another great year of ONS!

(Photo by Galessa’s Plastics)

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19 Responses to “The Best of ONS: Year One!”

  1. Lindis Says:

    Happy Birthday ONS! Scary how fast the time passes…

  2. Titus Says:

    Many congratulations! There’s a lot here to dip into, and as I’ve come late to the pre-party, dip in I shall.
    And well done.

  3. Regina Says:

    Wow! Congratulations, Claire!
    And what a post- thank you!
    I can’t wait to get started!

  4. Alvin Says:

    Hurray! Happy birthday!

  5. Beth Says:

    Awww but I’ve already read all of these :p hehe

    Happy Birthday ONS xx

  6. Suzannah Says:

    Ah what a year it has been! Congratulations Claire and ONS!

  7. swiss Says:

    a year yo say?

    well here’s a link to something in case you’re down south anytime after october

  8. Weston T. Holder Says:

    Happy birthday!? Woah!

    And I know you put all the FPs on it, but…
    *victory dance* I’m on the liiist, I’m on the liiist…
    So yeah. Overappreacation rocks. In my case.

  9. Mairi Sharratt Says:

    Thanks for including my guest post as part of your pick of the year. It’s brightened up my day. There’s lot of other stuff here that I’m going to look forward to reading.

  10. Claire Says:

    Those of you who have found new goodies here — enjoy! & spread the word if there’s a post you find particularly helpful! Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    Swiss — my sister is a huge steampunk enthusiast so I’ve passed that on. I can see a trip to Oxford in the works already, thanks!

    Weston — But of course! & I’m glad someone else is as excited about ONS turning 1 as I am!

    Mairi — to be honest, when you wrote that post for me I was in a pretty low place, and it really, really helped me out a lot… even just knowing that other people get like that sometimes (you think it’s “just you” at such times). So thank YOU! x

  11. Col Says:

    Happy Birthday! Here’s to another year!

  12. audrey Says:

    hey claire! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i started reading your blog months and months ago after gala darling plugged it on her site, but lost touch because of (the usual) massive life craziness. i just popped in again and am so pleased to see this great list of previous posts and a wonderful ONS first birthday! congrats on everything you’ve done and everything to come! i also have been meaning to send you some poems and i hope i get to do that soon. CHEERS! XO

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