Things I Love Thursday #50

50!!! Welcome to the fiftieth TiLT!

The One Night Stanzas Bookstore
The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that there’s a new link up there in the top-right-hand corner of the ONS homepage — the ONS Bookstore. I’ve been banging on at you all for the past year about how important it is to read published poetry and buy poetry books, but your response is always “but poetry books = huge expense!” I’m remedying this by setting up my own bookstore and offering poetry books in great condition, but with everything under a fiver, always! Right now there are a few collections and a whole load of really good literary journals up there — I’m still adding books and putting the finishing touches to it all but it’s now open for buying if you’re interested in anything! I’m aiming to get a really good selection of stuff for every taste, and more importantly every budget — expect a proper post and ‘unveiling’ very soon!

Discovering new movies.
Because Martyna — who’s a big movie nut — is living with us at the moment, we’re watching a LOT of films. This week I re-watched Factotum, which I saw and loved at the cinema (still amazing); saw Taken (A silly action movie, but a good one!); re-discovered The Matrix (and understood it a lot better second time around), and discovered brilliant German movie The Edukators, which is about a group of rather naive young anarchists who accidentally get into a lot of trouble. I also saw Milk for the first time and it is truly brilliant — Sean Penn more than deserved his Oscar, and I’m convinced this should have got Best Picture, too. I was expecting it to be very shiny, big-Hollywood-biopic style, but actually there was something very rought-around-the-edges about it, it felt like a very quiet movie. It also wasn’t overly dramatic or weepy, and all the performances were brilliant. I feel much better about the fact that James Franco is slated to play Ginsberg, for example. If you haven’t seen it yet… you definitely should!

My street.
Also because M is here, I’m spending a lot more time wandering around my neighbourhood as I have someone to walk and talk with! We have become Peckhams‘ most regular customers, scraping our pennies together every day to afford a cup of tea and a leisurely smoke (in M’s case) at one of their outside tables. We also spend far too much time (and money) in Caoba, the Mexican store — my fireplace is covered with these! And mooching around the Oxfam Music store on the hunt for some good literary vinyl is always a good way to spend half an hour or so…

My sister sent me this brilliant meme quiz which really stumped me, and I decided to make my own version to pass on to you. Basically, you pick 15 movies and then provide a quote from each. You guys have to guess which movies the quotes are from. How many can you get?

1. “You’d rather make a record with some Nazi-youth shoplifters than someone you know in your bitter and twisted little heart is a musical visionary!”
– said by Jack Black as Barry in High Fidelity

2. “It may be a joke to you, but it’s his nose. He can’t help having a hideous great hooter! And his poor little head, trembling under the weight of it!”
– said by Wilfred Brambell as ‘grandfather’ in the Beatles movie Hard Day’s Night

3. “You awake?”
“Guess you could call it that, my eyes are open.”
– said by Gina Davis and Susan Sarandon as Thelma and Louise

4. “In Jailhouse Rock Elvis was everything rockabilly’s about. I mean, he is rockabilly. Mean, surly, nasty, rude. In that movie he couldn’t give a fuck about nothing except rockin’ and rollin’, living fast, dying young and leaving a good-looking corpse.”
– said by Christian Slater as Clarence in True Romance

5. “I fail to see my family’s of any interest to you. I’ve absolutely no interest in yours. I dislike relatives in general and in particular mine.”
– said by Richard E Grant as Withnail in Withnail and I

6. “Don’t you see the rest of the country looks upon New York like we’re left-wing, communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers? I think of us that way sometimes and I live here.”
– said by Woody Allen as Alvy Singer in Annie Hall

7. “Do not drink too much. Do you hear me? I don’t want you passing out or going to the dark side. No going to the dark side!”
– said by Thomas Hayden Church as Jack in Sideways

8. “Valentines Day is a holiday invented by greetings card companies to make people feel like crap.”
– said by Jim Carrey as Joel Barrish in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

9. “It is exactly 11am. At the funfair, near the ghost train, the marshmallow twister is twisting. Meanwhile, on a bench in Villette Square, Felix Lerbier learns there are more links in his brain than atoms in the universe. Meanwhile, at the Sacred Heart, the nuns are practising their backhand. The temperature is 24°C, humidity 70%, atmospheric pressure 990 millibars.”
– said by the narrator in Amelie

10. “I don’t want to cram in sex or guns or car chases, you know… or characters, you know, learning profound life lessons or growing to like each other or overcoming obstacles to succeed in the end, you know. I mean… the book isn’t like that, and life isn’t like that. You know, it just isn’t. And… I feel very strongly about this.”
– said by Nicholas Cage as Charlie Kaufmann in Adaptation

11. “This is so bad it’s almost good. This is so bad it’s gone past good and back to bad again.”
– said by Thora Birch and Scarlet Johansson as Enid and Rebecca in Ghost World

12. “Guys? Don’t stay in here all day. I took the batteries out of the carbon monoxide detector because it was beeping all night.”
– said by Jean Smart as Carol in Garden State

13. “Your fucking father went on a beaver diet.”
– said by Susan Sarandon as Kitty in Romance & Cigarettes

14. “Percussionist Foster Grant…”
– said by Tom Everett Scott as Guy the Drummer in That thing you do!

15. “Have I made myself clear?”
“As an unmuddied lake, Fred. As clear as an azure sky of deepest summer. You can rely on me, Fred.”
– said by Malcolm McDowell as Alex de Large in A Clockwork Orange

What are you loving this week?

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27 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday #50”

  1. Beth Says:

    I love the bookshop!
    Have ordered some bits :) x

  2. Rachel Fox Says:

    Either I haven’t seen any of those films or my brain has turned to mush. Are you going to print the answers?

  3. Weston T. Holder Says:

    Happy 50!
    The bookstore? I personally think that the pamplet books are more reasonable than a full collection for any poet. Easy to distribute…
    But honestly. I love the frigging idea.

  4. Regina Says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to check out the bookstore! After moving house and home and having to start all over again in a new place, the cash flow has slowly but surely dried up- but maybe I can afford something here!
    And I have no idea about movies at all… I’m pretty much like Rachel here… ;)
    Anyway, what I am loving this week is finally getting some peace and quiet in and around my house! The past few weeks have been full of carpenters and painters and electricians and oh! Too much testosterone!
    Have a great weekend, Claire!

  5. Nine Says:

    A couple of those quotes sound vaguely familiar, but the only one I can actually place is #9 - Amelie.

  6. Titus Says:

    Blimey, thought I stood no chance of this, but now I’ve seen the above I’ll hazard my two cartoon theories.

    2. Dumbo, surely?
    15. A Flintstones remake (live action?)

  7. Marita T. Sinden Says:

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