Things I Love Thursday #51

Stuff I’ve loved this week… plus the answers to my movie quiz!

Gigging. This week I have been a total reading FIEND — and more through good luck than good management! On Monday night I read at The Forest Cafe, as part of the Bowery Book Club, a monthly reading organised by my mate Dave. I read alongside the great Hayley Shields and Chris Lindores, among others — and despite the slightly apathetic festival-season-audience (grrr), it was a good night!
Then yesterday I read at the Edinburgh International Book Festival — yes, really, there’s photographic evidence and everything! I was terrified, but had a good time in the end — I got to sit with Boy and my bestie Struan which made me feel better; I also got to see inside “the author’s yurt”! It’s an exclusive tent full of cushions and couches where all the famous writers go to drink coffee and escape their adoring hoardes. Sadly, the most exciting person I spotted was Stuart Kelly — Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman are obviously long gone. Shame!
My book fest event finished at 3.30pm, and within two hours I was onstage again, this time at Utter! I’ve read three gigs there now and it’s a brilliant event — running until Saturday 29th (I’m reading again then, too!), every night at 5.30pm, Fingers Piano Bar on Frederick Street. It’s totally free so if you’re in town, you have no decent excuse not to go! Last night I read with Rob A Mackenzie, Paula Varjack and Rapunzel Wizard. I was very curious to see what Rapunzel was like as I’d heard rave-reviews. He didn’t disappoint — he was absolutely hilarious and a great performer. Paula’s stuff was funny but also hard-hitting and really original, I loved her delivery. And Rob was his usual professional self, managing to link poems about everything from unusual deaths to nuclear submarines with panache! I was also chuffed to see the great John Clarke in the audience — check his stuff out if you don’t already know it, it’s brilliant.
Like I say, I’ll be back at Utter! for the last time this Saturday (29th) at 5.30pm, Fingers Piano Bar. I’ll also be at Underword on Saturday night, same venue, at 7.30pm — that’s also free, so for a night of brilliant poetry and a chance to hear yours truly, Fingers is the place to be!

Plans for the future. The future has been kind of scaring me a bit recently, I’ve been trying not to think about it, until the past couple of days when I’ve pulled myself together and started plotting again (I like plotting. If I don’t have a forward-plan I freak out. Maybe I’m secretly a Capricorn?). Amazingly, an idea for a novel came to me, fully-formed, a couple of nights ago. It’s something I’ve never thought I had the imagination/patience for, but now I’m thinking of giving it a try. I’ve also been banging on about this screenplay I’ve been wanting to write for ages — I haven’t written any drama since I was 18. I’m feeling the need to get away from poetry for a bit, have a break and write something else (because a total break from writing of any kind is out of the question!) for a while. Perhaps I’m just on burn-out because the past few weeks I’ve been working like mad to get my MSc Creative Writing porfolio in, and doing gig after gig after gig at readings all over the place? Who knows. I also want to start making zines — proper one-off types with small print-runs, not quite like Read This. & Read This Press may take a break for a while once it gets to its first birthday (January). I have two more books to produce before then, though, so watch this space! Exciting stuff…

Quizzes! OK, so last week I gave you a tricky movie quiz to do… it was on my Facebook as well and heaps of people tried their hand at it, with lots of interesting guesses! Some of you amazed me with your movie knowledge, though. So now I have another challenge for you — the musical version (which I think is a tad easier actually). If you want to see the movie quiz answers, click here & scroll down! Meanwhile, try your hand at this — see if you can get title and artist without cheating!

1. “You’re built like a car, you’ve got a hubcap diamond-star halo / you purr like a car, oh yeah…”

2. “There’s no light in the tunnel, no irons in the fire / come on up to the house.”

3. “He’s one who sings with his tongue on fire / and gargles dirt in the rat-race choir / bent out of shape from society’s pliers / he cares not to go up any higher / only drag you down into the hole that he’s in…”

4. “Cook me in your breakfast / put me on your plate / ’cause you know I taste great.”

5. “If your head says ‘forget it,’ but you’re heart’s still smoking / call me at the station, the lines are open…”

6. “I was brought up on a side street / learned how to love before I could eat.”

7. “I like to go just like the rest, I like my sugar sweet / but jumping queues and makin’ haste just aint my cup of meat.”

8. “Well you may be a lover, but you aint no dancer.”

9. “Grease me straight down, good electric / I could lay it on the road, mama, it aint no trick / talkin’ ’bout love…”

10. “You never miss a night / because your dream in life / is to be a footballer’s wife.”

11. “At the back of the roadhouse, they got some bungalows / they dance for the people who like to go down slow…”

12. “The drummers and jugglers of Montreal / don’t even exist at all / so I am tearing up these tarot cards and Venetian clowns / antique shops and alcoholic homosexuals…”

13. “Well my mama’s gonna call and say ‘where’s she gone?’ / and he’ll say ‘down the road with the radio on’.”

14. “You and I are under-dosed and we’re ready to fall / raised to be stupid, taught to be nothing at all.”

15. “Romeo was restless, he was ready to kill / jumped out the window ’cause he couldn’t sit still / Juliet was waiting with the safety net / she said ‘don’t bury me, ’cause I’m not dead yet’…”

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