Procrastination Station #51

Better late than never — sorry!

A life in poetry: Roger McGough // I loved this interview with Fay Weldon // Poem of the week // Does Margaret Atwood write sci-fi?

How book covers are chosen.

Ever had a rejection as rude as this? I was quite shocked…

…but this little bit of rejection nostalgia was a bit more like it!

A great poem by Sharon Olds, posted by Swiss

Found online this week: Regina on rejection drama // Swiss’ favourite X Ray // Colin Will at qarrtsiluni // a new one from former Featured Poet Alex Williamson // & an interestingly-titled new work from Will Soule!

Negative comments on the net: bad karma!

Oh my goodness, I want to live here!

This is cool — but it should be the norm, not a one-off!

Cool graffiti: I was here and As seen in Rome, from The Wooster Collective

The stories behind 8 awesome album covers.

A sweet idea for a journal!

Scissor tattoos!

Some extreme clothing mod/crafting ideas! I’m plotting some cardigan-slashing myself…

I love the work of yeller-dandelion on deviantART.

& finally… more genius from Sammy Davis Jr. Check out his Louis Armstrong!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

(Photo by Bıtzı)

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2 Responses to “Procrastination Station #51”

  1. Regina Says:

    Wow, Claire- what a great PS this week! So much to love here! As usual, the poetry and love Sharon Olds to bits!
    And the album covers… very cool, too- Interesting about Joni Mitchell’s album cover- one of my favorites!
    Oh, and thanks for the hat tip, sweetie. ;)

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