Featured Poet #1: Chris Lindores

What is this Featured Poet business?
Now that One Night Stanzas has become reasonably established, I am going to try to feature the works of young and emerging poets here, hopefully on a weekly basis. Each week I’ll feature 3 -4 poems, along with biographical information, and then round things off with an interview with the featured poet. ONS readers are welcome to read and comment on the works, as well as submit their own for consideration. Being featured on a blog counts as publication and definitely looks good on your literary CV! Sound good?

About Chris.
Chris Lindores is 20 years old and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. Currently in his final year of an MA in English Literature, he is a student of the University of Edinburgh and recently joined the Read This editorial team. Chris has had work published and read his poetry here and there, and he’s currently looking to expand his literary CV. One of his all-time favourite poets is the late, great Charles Bukowski, and the influence of Bukowski on Chris’ poetry is subtle but certainly apparent! Chris writes honest, gritty narratives about urban boredom, decadence and hedonism, and will happily recite poems for cigarettes. See some more of his work here.

Flaccid pish by Chris Lindores.

smells like under an old fridge

a song called rude or nude
on the radio

if this place had a bar
I would have been here before

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(Photo by tae.rhee)

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3 Responses to “Featured Poet #1: Chris Lindores”

  1. Chris Lindores Says:

    It’s me! Ta very much, Claire!

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