This week’s Featured Poet is Matt Haigh

Matthew Haigh is a 24 year old published poet, arts graduate, graphic designer and critic based in Cardiff. He strays between the default mode of quiet confidence, and erratic bouts of anxiety. He has a fondness for Japan, cyberpunk and vintage horror films. Most of these topics get discussed sometimes on his blog:

Fight Or Flight

My brother’s head is a church whose windows
bulge with black glass.
Engravings wrought upon the stone are strangers’
heads growing horns.
He says my head is filled with dreams
that bubble quartz crystal bright.

He says my thoughts spring white and clean
inside a placid pool.
Brother’s wild, volcanic springs
are shot with octopus ink.
Logic and reason puzzled themselves into Rubik’s Cubes
and sank to the bottom.

He’s hunched in front of the television,
hooked on Space Invaders. “Look how those coloured polygons
drop in droves like scorpions.
My doubts cluster just the same and sting
with equal precision.”

That he could communicate, not through a screen
but face to face - I hear a click -
his words are locked inside a skeleton ship.

I’ve seen his secrets go down
in a pixelated mushroom cloud.

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(Photo by jami.carlson)

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2 Responses to “This week’s Featured Poet is Matt Haigh”

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  2. Regina Says:

    Very powerful poem… well done.