Procrastination Station #53 & #54

Hey all — apologies again for the absence of this post last week. Normal service has now resumed, and this is a bumper edition to make up for last time! Here’smy pick of the last two weeks’ interwebs to amuse, enthrall and most importantly, inspire!

Going back to school: literature quiz! // The poem of last week! // Nick Hornby is actually rather good // Poster poems: rock // Caring poets // Poem of this week! // Quiz: how well do you know Agatha Christie? // No one likes Dan Brown // What’s the use of erotic poetry? // & a new Guardian poetry workshop to enter!

Rachel McKibbens has a freaking cool new site.

A lovely poem by Lorine Niedecker, thanks to Swiss.

A nostalgic look back at the recent history of publishing.

Welcome to the Weird Book Room!

Let’s go to art camp.

Get well soon, Garrison Keillor.

Some amazing typography.

Hilarious dark secrets of the publishing industry — revealed!

A poem from the great Ted Kooser.

One Night Stanzas is one of the Writing White Papers Top 27 writing blogs!

How cool is this journal?!

All submission guidelines should read like this.

When is a phonebox like a library?


Found online this week: A new poem from Regina // ONS poets Asmara Malik and Amy Blakemore at a handful of stones // Cool concrete poetry from Stephen Nelson // A short and sweet new piece from former FP Kerri Ni Dochartaigh // Col on Nina Simone // A brilliant writing prompt at project:transparence // Howie Good’s new book is out! // & Fiona needs your help!

An inspiring message from Kind Over Matter

I absolutely love the In The Booth blog.

Eye candy: Awesome art/typography by Fiodor Sumkin // ARMOgeddon // cool photos of lightning strikes // a lifesize knitted Ferrari — for real! // Phillipa’s Green Ink Flickrspiration // Subversive street sculpture // & Rare and amazing footage of Pablo Picasso painting live.

Reviving Polaroid: project impossible?

Did we need any more proof that Damien Hirst is a talentless, humourless ****? Oh well, here’s some anyway.

Is the concept of Body Mass Index totally flawed? This suggests it is.

What are the most annoying fonts?

Geek stuff: Nerdcake! // Predator immortalised // Footnotes are great. I like them. // Someone has too much time on their hands… but the result is incredible. // Hell yes! // a geek’s tribute to Patrick Swayze // Go ask Alice // Sweet Beat tees.

Need some early Halloween inspiration?

I actually think this is a “win” rather than a “fail,” but hey…

Amazing Woodstock-inspired wedding

Come on, what’s cuter than a crochet shark?

& speaking of cute…

Wear your love for Edgar Allen Poe!

& I really want one of these.

Finally… ethical wrapping:

& a great short film made by my baby sister!

Have a great weekend!

(Photo by Eric van der Meer)

Don’t forget The One Night Stanzas Store my Etsy store, and their little sister, Edinburgh Vintage!

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6 Responses to “Procrastination Station #53 & #54”

  1. Col Says:

    Goodness, that was a lot of links! How much do I want one of those journals with the wood covers and keyhole… (answer: a lot) I do seem to have a weakness for buying beautful blank books then leaving them empty and using cheap ones for my scribbles. Far too good to have biro scrawled inside them.. ah well

    Thanks as always for linking to one of my poems, much appreciated.

  2. Regina Says:

    Wow- now that was a post! Claire- you’ve outdone yourself this week!
    Love, love, love Rachel’s new site, the In the Booth blog, the poem by Lorine, the amazing typography, all the poems… and your sister’s short film is awesome! Really, I loved the whole thing! And as always, thanks for the link, sweetie.
    Oh, and congrats on being in the top 27 writing blogs! You’re number one in my book!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout. I think this is my favourite procrastination station yet - chock full of goodness. Wandering around Ireland at the moment… I don’t think we’re going to make it to Edinburgh this time around. Next time though, we shall meet in person. Rachel

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