Procrastination Station #55

It’s suddenly Friday again! Hello weekend!

The Booker Prize: same old same old // Poem of the week // The lost art of handwriting (Definatalie’s talking about this too!) // Happy Birthday, HG Wells! // The Picture of Dorian Gray = awesome // Quiz: how well do you know your weird words? // & hooray!

I’ve been seeing this image all over the blogosphere this week!

Next week is Banned Books Week. Start planning your celebrations!

I loved Fiona’s blogpost on “Scrumptious Words.”

Lovely hand-drawn typography and design.

Rejected recently?

When one of your wedding guests is a typewriter…

Found online this week: Former Featured Poet Wendy Kwok at Bolts of Silk // Last week’s FP Matt gave me a mention // More cool vispo from Stephen Nelson // Another lovely poem from Regina — the girl’s prolific! // Howie Good at a handful of stones

I want this man to illustrate my bookcover…

…or this man!

I loves a good rant.

The most controversial magazine covers of all time.


Twisted Sister: Cinderella & friends just got ugly (NB: don’t show this to your six year old!)

Unspeakable cuteness.

Tattoo overload: Paris Tattoo Art Fest (Facebook) // The Hell City Tattoo Fest // Geeky physics tattoos // The Heart vs The Head /It’s Medusa! // A TS Eliot tattoo // & people always ask me “what will you do about your tattoos when you’ve grown up?” …my new response will be: “I hope I’ll still be rocking them with all the style of this lady!”

& finally… hilarious mobile phone drama!

& shock revelation: Lady Gaga used to make great music!

(Photo by Bob.Fornal)

Don’t forget The One Night Stanzas Store, my Etsy store, and their little sister, Edinburgh Vintage!

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6 Responses to “Procrastination Station #55”

  1. Beth Says:

    Have you linked to this flickr group >< before??

    Saw it and thought of ONS :) x

  2. Regina Says:

    A great PS this week- and as usual, thanks for the link… that poem was for my father.
    Anyhoo- loved the controversial mag covers and the Poem of the Week was fascinating, as well as the comments about it!
    I know these kinds of posts are a lot of work, so thanks for sharing so much with us, Claire!

  3. fiona robyn Says:

    Thank you : )

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