Procrastination Station #56

Sorry I’m late this weekend! Very topsy turvy week… better late than never!

First, an update on my Etsy empire!: There’s a sale on at Edinburgh Vintage with many very cool items considerably reduced! I also just started up my own line of handmade accessories, CustomisEd. Check out the Halloween stuff I posted recently! // For those of you who don’t know, I also recently set up a spin-off to Edinburgh Vintage, a store called Quilt of Dreams which carries vintage fabrics, buttons, trimmings and embellishments for dressmakers, quilters and crafters. Check it out! // & the Read This Press store is business as usual… Skin Deep is almost totally sold out now so grab yourself a copy on the double!

Rediscovering poetry // Poem of the week // & another // I heart Byron // Reviewing the work of friends // 10 most challenged books in the USA // 10 of the UK’s best second hand bookstores (I’ve only been to two! I sense a roadtrip coming on…)

Visit the Moleskinerie (thanks Beth!)

Ever wonder what Jay-Z’s favourite books are?

I love the Rejectionist.

Photos from the Scottish Poetry Library’s By Leaves We Live Fair (including some terrifying ones of me), and a write up!

I now follow Margaret Atwood on Twitter!

Billy Collins & Charles Bukowski

Literary threads (thanks Regina!)

Found online this week: A sweet haiku by former Featured Poet Juliet Wilson // Matt Haigh at 13 Myna Birds and Pomegranate // Gareth Trew is Poet in Residence at Poet’s Letter Magazine // New work from Alex Williamson // I love this poem from Howie Good at Bolts of Silk // & Angela Maiers gave me a mention!

Cool stuff at qarrtsiluni

Rarely seen Banksy

Grouped by Colour & OH MY GOODNESS treehouse glee!

Very cool typography…

…& some more type-related stuff.

Urban decay // Abandoned Churches // Chernobyl Today // Chernobyl Journal (all via)

London Tattoo Con parts 1 and 2

The Christmas list starts here

This is cool.

& finally… Boy & I are thinking of getting one of these! Thoughts…?

Have a good week, all!

(Photo by boopsie.daisy)

Don’t forget The One Night Stanzas Store, my Etsy store, and their little sister, Edinburgh Vintage!

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4 Responses to “Procrastination Station #56”

  1. Regina Says:

    Wow- those epics of Chernobyl were incredibly… sad…
    But- the puppy sure is cute!!! Oh my goodness!
    And thanks for the link! I think those t-shirts are so cool- and they have totes, too!
    Ta, Claire…

  2. Katja Says:

    i say yes to the bulldog! absolutely adorable, and their natures are supposed to be quite calm and friendly too, if i’m not mistaken. great links too, thanks!

  3. Matt Says:

    Cheers for the mention, Claire! :)

  4. Guy Burk Says:

    What happens if you eat a hot frog? You’ll croak in no time!