Procrastination Station #5

Here are the best bits from the web this week!

As a collector of old typewriters, this collection of funky vintage ribbon cases thrilled me…

…and as a nosy person, I was also fascinated to hear what Marilyn Monroe kept in her drawers!

Over at The Guardian books blog, things are happening. Esther Freud gives a podcast on her brilliant book (one of my favourites), Hideous KinkyWendy Cope and Lavinia Greenlaw give you a run-down on How To Write Poetry (with great advice from Simon Armitage and Bloodaxe’s Neil Astley, too)… and find out how some people are solving their “reader’s block” - by visiting a reading therapist!!

Think being a poet is a bizarre profession? How about being a professional mermaid??

I was also majorly inspired by this video, brought to my attention by none other than the awesome Kanye West!

Two of my all-time favourite poets have new books out! Allen Ginsberg’s collection of letters (gathered posthumously) looks great, as does Billy Collins’ new collection. (If anyone fancies making an anonymous donation of either from my Amazon wishlist, be my guest!!)

In more depressing Ginsberg-related news, the Howl film is probably going to really suck.

Some people ONS has made friends with recently: first and foremost, the great Ron Silliman featured us earlier this week (thanks to Jim)! We’ve also hooked up with the brilliant PoetCasting site… I’d really recommend you check it out to hear some up-and-coming poets read their work. Poets Char Runcie, Aditi Machado, David Floyd and Andrew Philip have also given shout-outs about ONS.

And finally… some stuff for you all to submit to!
Michael Symmons Roberts is looking for self-portrait poems for his latest online workshop… Coconut are currently accepting submissions there’s a newly-launched poetry forum here, just waiting for you guys to get over there and fill it with goodness… and publishers of emerging writers CR Press have launched their 2008 De Novo Prize!

What’ve you found on the web this week?

(Photo by Lisa Kettell)

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2 Responses to “Procrastination Station #5”

  1. Iolanthe Says:

    Just so you know, I found you via the Silliman link, and I’m very glad I did.

  2. Claire Says:

    Thank you my darlin’, that’s a lovely comment to get! x