This week’s Featured Poet is Eleanor Ellis

Yep, the Featured Poets are finally back! Apologies to those of you who’ve been waiting to be featured! Normal service has now resumed. Sit back and enjoy some poems!

Eleanor Ellis, 18, grows poetry amidst the singular verdure of the Pacific Northwest in the States. She received a National Silver Portfolio Award in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2009; has been published twice in Pomegranate (issue 5 and issue 6), and thrice in Cascadia, the publication of the Oregon Student Poetry Contest. She is now bound northward for four years to Whitman College, a place reputed to have more poetry but less rain than her Oregon home. She is an ardent fan of the Spanish language but tends to ramble on too much in English as well.

your career as a janitor

let me write to you of miracles
because when I speak they tumble far too earnestly
onto the brown linoleum of the floor.

when I come into the halls the ferocity of nearby hopes
surprises me. I think it would be hard to be the floor,
nervously feeling so many attempts at lightness
weigh upon its even back.

the hall is quiet with this heaviness after school
and when I stand there in the long hollow corridor
I can see you there
picking up so much spluttered frankness
you with your solemn vibrancy, completely unabashed
to be striding down the hall with your honest broom,

laughing easily as you explain the various muddled tales of the day.
I am caught up in all the plot twists and character arcs
but to you there is no literary miracle: it was

always about words and patterns.
the clarity of your emotion
leaves me lost. perhaps
I was not meant to be a poet, after all.

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2 Responses to “This week’s Featured Poet is Eleanor Ellis”

  1. Regina Says:

    Oh, this was wonderful. There’s something about the image of the janitor with his “honest broom” that really touches me. Thanks so much, Eleanor!

  2. Alva Tagaban Says:

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