Featured Poet #2: Heather Schimel

This week’s ONS Featured Poet is Heather Schimel. She is 25 years old, originally from New York, but now lives in Arizona. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oswego and currently works as a writer for Textnovel. One day she was swept off her feet and onto an airplane. She also collects insects in an old bean jar, and wears sunglasses all year round. She dedicates everything she does to her fiancĂ© JNB: mostly writing, but also occasionally boot-shining, being a kayak-partner,
and loving forever. You can see heaps more of Heather’s brilliant, inspiring poetry here. Feel free to leave comments for Heather in the comments box below!

Pretty Pretty Colorado City by Heather Schimel
Colorado City is the kind of girl
who takes her peppermint schnapps
with a little bit of coffee. She smells of
coconut oil and incest. She smells of blood sweat and
coupons. Her legs are Krazy Glue, her arms are

warped windows and the construction workers
never returned after she was sold. Colorado City

milks children, pays for the good habits with bicycles
and the bad habits with Sinatra. She places
a belt in the dog box. She places
a crash cart next to
the weak and weary.

Colorado City is big houses and heels. There is
gin in the trunk of her car. There are tunnels

hidden under her thighs. There is daylight
as a gift, in her underpants. There are

her father’s hands,
now just
her father’s hands

as she turns the wheel,
crosses the small war
that is
the state line.

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(Photo by Dani0010)

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2 Responses to “Featured Poet #2: Heather Schimel”

  1. Philippa Says:

    Heather, this is a lovely poem - I particularly like the first image, it makes me think of a “Kate Moss Cappucino” that I had once….!!

    Also love the image of “blood sweat and/coupons”!

    You have an interesting and evocative style. I look forward to reading more.

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