Things I Love Thursday #1

What is TiLT?
Things I Love Thursday (TiLT) is a growing internet phenomenon, begun by extraordinary NZ-born, NYC-based blogger Gala Darling. Following Gala’s lead, each Thursday people all over the world write online lists in their journals, blogs and Flickr streams, detailing the things that have made them smile in the past week. It’s a way of paying attention to the cool things in life, saying thank you to the Universe, and making yourself feel 100% positive - even if it’s only for a small part of the day. There’s only one TiLT rule: no negativity!

Why do TiLT on One Night Stanzas?
On my travels, and in my meetings with fellow poets and writers, something I’ve noticed is this: writers of all kinds need more positivity! Poets in particular can be horribly negative about their art, their ability, their future… and it has to stop! TiLT is all about giving yourself a shake and going ‘hey, look how good my life actually is!’ My TiLTs may not always be totally relevant to poetry or literature (although I’ll try!), but they’re still something I want you guys to participate in. So… write your own TiLT this Thursday. Stick it in the comments box or email it to me. I’ll feature the best ones each week, so get positive!

Without further ado, here’s my Things I Love Thursday #1!

- My Moleskine soft-cover year-and-a-half notebook planner. I bought it in the amazing Chapters Books (WHY don’t we have this store in the UK?! It kicks the ass of any chain bookstore in this country) in Victoria, BC while I was in Canada this summer, and I love it. It’s PERFECT for everything - I can even make my lesson plans and notes for work in it, so no more carting a million notebooks across the city anymore! It’s also very beautiful, although I am thinking about customising it a la these beasts. Got a Moleskine? (Is it customised? If so… let me see!) It really is the Notebook of Champions!

- Another Country by Jane Griffiths. This is the poetry book I’ve been working my way through for the past week or so. I heard it was shortlisted for the great big accolade that is The Forward Prize for Best Collection, and I’d read some good reviews etc, so I thought I’d give it a go. Normally, I don’t buy poetry books like that — I usually stand in the Poetry section of a bookstore for hours, leafing through collections until I find a poem that really hits me, so I was desperate for this £9.95 book to be worth it. It has been! It’s been a long, slow read - a lot of the poems need a couple of reads, some three or four - but I’ve really liked it. It’s really take-me-there, image-rich… and somehow very British, very London. It’s got me thinking and it’s got me writing. Five stars!

- Checking my emails every two-and-a-half seconds. I’m waiting to hear back from someone about a great big massive exciting poetry project I’ve got on the go, and it’s totally a could-go-either-way kind of thing. I am REALLY crossing my fingers over it… and I want you to cross yours for me too, even though I can’t tell you about it yet, in case it jinxes it. Anyway, although I know it’s very early days yet to hear back, I am still checking my mails like a maniac!

- Having the house to myself again! Since the end of June when he left his last job, The Boy (aka Leon) has been totally free, available and around 24/7. We spent a whole month travelling in Canada during July, and only now has he finally got back onto the old 9-5 wheel and into a new job. I’ve loved having him around constantly, but he has seriously cramped my style, too! Now that he’s career-ing again, I have the house to myself, which means I have peace and quiet to write, read, think, drink tea and dance around the living room without him ever knowing (I have really missed doing that!). I’m always bored by 5pm and ready for him to become a distraction again, but for those few hours? Bliss!

- Watching fireworks from my roof. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo ended last weekend, and Edinburgh Castle put on an epic firework display for the closing ceremony. There’s going to be another one this weekend when the Edinburgh Festival 2008 officially ends. Fortuitously, my flat is right next to the castle, and if you’re OK with heights, you can climb onto the roof, grab a beer and sit back to watch the proceedings! When Leon, my sister and I did this last weekend, we met a bunch of crazy Canadians up there who’d been in Edinburgh for a few months learning how to brew Real Ale. The gave us some of their first beer attempt and actually, it was pretty good! Fireworks, beer, and the risk of a possible 40-foot fall? Priceless.

Right you lot! I want to see your personal TiLT now… and get creative! Write your TiLT in swirly lettering on a blank wall in an alley and put a photo online. Record a zany Youtube video or write your TiLT all in verse. Whatever you do, stick a link in the comments box. Share your positivity with everyone!

(Photo by Girlhula)

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