Procrastination Station #67

Links I’ve loved this past (few) week(s)…

Loads of gold from the Guardian Books Blog lately: book graffiti ftw // Margaret Atwood’s (brilliant) thoughts on Twitter // an interview with Andrew “The Jackal” Wylie // Philip Pullman on The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ (which I am SO getting as soon as it’s out in paperback!) // is masturbation literature’s last taboo? // and an unusual poetry workshop from Alan Brownjohn

The verdict on James Franco’s short fiction…

You have to watch this brilliant stop-motion on “letting out the creative beast”!

Good writers. Bad men. Brilliant article.

Great writers, their drugs of choice, and the works they wrote while under the influence…

A poem by Billy Collins that I hadn’t seen before.

Carol Ann Duffy’s poetic response to That Volcano.

Are these poems? Social commentary? Oversized post-its? Whatever they are, they fit the procrastination theme!

What ONS friends and readers have been up to this week: Emily Smith was featured at Bolts of Silk // Stephen Nelson has a chapbook out! Buy it here! // former Featured Poet Eric Hamilton has a Youtube channel for his music videos; check it out! // a new piece from Kerri Ni Dochartaigh // Cassandra posted this great poem over at Ophelia Blooming // & I was interviewed by the very cool E. Kristen Anderson on everything from tattoos to Tom Waits

Check out the Museums at Night animation contest winners. All so cool!

Cool typography at

I really, really, really want to visit this place.

How Doc Martens are made.

A handy .gif showing the spread of the Icelandic ash cloud over Europe…

…and some fascinating photos of the ash cloud/eruption from The Big Picture.

An amazing dress made entirely from newspaper!

Fabulous pin-up tattoo.

& finally… the great Gregory Corso gets animated

A poem for geeks everywhere:

and I may have posted this before, but I love this creepy typewriter short…

Have a great weekend!

(Image by nicolebindewald)

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7 Responses to “Procrastination Station #67”

  1. Gareth Says:

    That BC poem is wonderful — I particularly love “purple madness”. I’ve been rereading ‘Nine Horses’ of late; it’s even better the second time round!

  2. H. Says:

    I didn’t realize they reopened the Neon Museum (we drove by it a bunch of time, but it had plywood over the windows like it was shut down? Or maybe that was the “boneyard”?)

    So what did you think of that James Franco story? Not what I expected … and kind of hilarious how he was trying to write with what I think was a Mexican accent?


  3. Claire Says:

    Gareth — I know. I keep trying to stop being such a fangirl about him but I always fail miserably!

    H — I agree with the writer of the article, I thought James Franco’s story was pretty terrible :S Shame because I really like him as an actor! He should stick to what he’s good at, methinks.

  4. Regina Says:

    wow- i am so behind here- but as always, i love your ps’s, claire. thanks so much. i know a lot of thought and effort goes into these… and i appreciate it!

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