Procrastination Station #69

Some lovely links from a pretty hectic week!

A truly brilliant article on performance poetry vs page poetry from the great Ms Jenny Lindsay

A look at alternatives to well-known book covers

DEATHMATCH between two of my all-time favourite science fiction phenomena…!

30 famous authors whose works were repeatedly rejected

Literary bad days

I just discovered the writing blog of Shaun Masterson

What ONS fans, friends and readers have been up to this week: beautiful new poems from Kerri Ni Dochartaigh and Heather Bell // and a fairly fantabulous one from Mr Dave Coates // Gareth Trew is at a handful of stones // Congrats to William Soule who just tasted his first poetry contest victory! // my sister took one of my typewriters out for a walk… // of all the UK election coverage, I liked Swiss’ best! // and finally HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to former Featured Poet Eric Hamilton who has a brand new baby daughter, Lucy! And she’s already starred in one of his music videos!

WHY YES, that is one of my necklaces worn by the great Star St Germain on Nubby Twiglet’s blog! Buy one here!

Facebook is evil, but Natalie Perkins is courageous.

Biro doodles are art too!

Jes Sachse and Holly Norris = my heroines. How cool are these photos?

& finally…

(I really want to be able to do this stuff!)

(My typewriter in its own movie!)

(I wish I had this much time on my hands…)

Have a great weekend!

(Photo by Jmeeee)

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One Response to “Procrastination Station #69”

  1. Mairi Sharratt Says:

    Thanks for the link again! I think Jenny’s article was brilliant, well written and thought out. I also think she makes some good points about both genre’s learning from each other. I must say, the more I have explored different genre’s of poetry, the more I have started to wonder if we really should be pigeon holing the whole art form into different “types”.