Procrastination Station #72

Links that have kept me alive this mad week.

I’ve been reading about mondegreens! Check out these, these and more here.

Marvel’s Tom Brevoort speaks frankly about hiring writers (though I wish he could spell “the”).

Picador has launched a special prize for unpublished poets!

The bookfoxes reckon Poetry Still Matters

Wigtown Poetry Contest 2010 winners — some cool poems here.

To Kill A Mockingbird at 50

Cool quotes from Green Ink

Poster poems: ancestors

Why Hillary Clinton rocks.

Dolly Parton does too.

Great news for women in motorsport.

One bloody amazing gif.

My sister told me she saw this and thought of me! (so true…)

Animated albums = awesome.

Creepy. (Read this great article on 500 Days of Summer, by the way. Whether you made the mistake of seeing it or not…)

And I’ve been crushing on loads of new music recently, thanks to several sweet boys of my acquaintance, and their mix-CD-making skillz. Here’s a sample of my new discoveries…

(Weird-but-kind-of-awesome video. Great song. Thanks Richard.)

(Also weird, but I love The Books. Thanks Struan.)

(And Broken Records, brilliant little Scottish band. Thanks a million, Grant!)

(Think you can do better? I always love receiving mixtapes and mix-CDs. If you make me one, I’ll make you one! Drop me a line to!)

Have a great weekend!

(Photo by indee~trippin’)

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