Procrastination Station #73

A bit late this week… I escaped the city, the internet and my phone for the weekend, but I have now returned and PS is better late than never!

Poetry as therapy

Dear Editor…

A celebration of the Scottish Poetry Library

The top 11 films about writing

A lovely tribute to Peter Orlovsky

Why other people’s letters are better left unread

Why everyone hates poetry

Just how much can a book change you?

A hodgepodge of kids’ poetry

What ONS fans, friends and readers are up to this week: a new poem from the fabulous Mr Dave Coates // Gareth Trew at a handful of stones // JoAnne McKay’s excellent message of thanks to the Cumbrian police // and the brilliant Al Cook and Mairi Sharratt discuss this collection

I just discovered Tiger Beatdown and it’s a brilliant blog. Check out what Sady has to say about Kick Ass and “Man Books” (Sady’s also at The Awl talking about fighting in summer right now)

A m a z i n g tattoo

Daniel recently introduced me to Happy Chair Is Happy, and it makes me smile.

Famous authors made from clay?! And one is Ginsberg?!

A brilliant piece on transgendering, which everyone should read.

Fabulous pictures from the air

& finally…

A brilliant and very moving film made by a young girl for her high school English class

Bronte Power Dolls!

Helen finally finished her film of my poem Typewriter. (Words by me, images and reading by her.)


Hope you all had a great weekend!

(Photo by Chrisdonia)

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8 Responses to “Procrastination Station #73”

  1. Suzannah Says:

    ah I LOVE the typewriter film and poem so much. It gave me goose pimples. x

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