Procrastination Station #82

Been a bit quiet around here lately, aint it? I have no decent excuse, I’m just loved up. What can I say? Anyway, this week I have managed to look at some other nice things… here are a few of them.

From the Guardian Books blog: does poetry have a role in protest politics? // books + protest // poster poems: poverty // what is the literary legacy of the “old boys’ club”? // the (Beat) literary history of Tangiers

NaSmaStoMo — get involved!

this collection needs YOU to adapt its wintry poems into short films — no prior experience or fancy tech necessary!

I loved this from Verbatim

ONS fans and friends — what they’re up to lately: Juliet Wilson’s “Bolts of Silk” blogszine got a shout out at PoetHound // Bolts of Silk hosted a fabulous poem by Regina C Green // Howie Good appeared at a handful of stones // Caroline Crew talked to Ryan Van Winkle // thanks to Harry Giles for giving ONS a shout at his Inky Fingers events // and new stuff from Lucy Baker makes me happy…

Have I mentioned that I love Melissa McEwan at Shakesville, and her Conniving and Sinister webcomic in particular? Because I really do.

Hannah Radenkova’s Christmas illustrations are cute-tastic.


True. (LotR FTW!)

Can’t believe I’ve never shared this before. Film by my sweet little sister, poem by my bestie Struan. Very topical, methinks.

And since I’m going in for topical…

& finally… these two are the cutest thing you’ll see all week!

Have a great weekend!

(Photo by Charlotte Runcie)

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One Response to “Procrastination Station #82”

  1. Regina Says:

    thanks again, claire! i had a great year last year as far as getting my poems round- and juliet’s site is always wonderful!