Procrastination Station #85

Peace, Love, & Expletive Deleted!
Hello 2011! It’s time for some link love.

Who will Scotland’s new poet laureate be?

Tom Waits’ poetry collection: now available for pre-order! Be still my beating heart!

The five best literary lines of 2010

I’ve been nebbing at Caroline Crew’s 2011 ‘to-read’ list (see mine here!)

Mad, bad and dangerous women…

…and speaking of which: 2010 — the year in feminism

RIP Dick King-Smith (and Pete Postlethwaite. And Gerry Rafferty. Sad times.)

I loved Katie Sokoler’s 2010 round-up post

…and Natalie Perkins’, too.

Quote of the day and photo of the day: inspiration courtesy of Shakesville

Believe it or not, the Rejectionist keeps me sane.

Friends of ONS: new work by Alex Williamson // Stephen Nelson at Eratio // I heart Hannah Radenkova // Will Soule on New Year’s Resolutions // New work from Heather Bell… and Heather was interviewed here recently!

Beautiful graffiti by Stinkfish at Chainsaws & Jelly

Yes please!

Best passive aggressive note of 2010!

Got to love a hilarious owl gif.

RIP Gerry Rafferty (and check out this in praise of Baker Street

OMG I fscking love Watsky.

SOMEONE GIVE THIS MAN A JOB (update: someone did! Yay!).

I should NOT have watched this at work. TOO hilarious.

Have a great weekend, all!

(Photo by Vicki & Chuck Rogers)

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