Procrastination Station #86

Protestor on Bicycle With Riot Cops in Distance as Sun Begins to Set, Oakland Riots, 2010

What’s that I hear you cry? You thought I was dead? No, readers, fear not. I was just snowed under with work, trying to survive a visit from the regulators. Thankfully, I have come through unscathed… I think. Time for some link love…

Women writers looking lovely — glad to see so many of the Beat ladies represented here! Thanks to @kirstylogan.

A shocking visual representation of the gender bias in magazine publishing — and an article about it.

Literary bars? Yes please.

I loved Katie Sokoler’s account of stuff she learned on the street recently and things that make her giggle.

Maya Angelou: living legend.

McGuire has reviewed Jim’s poetry collection, and Juliet has reviewed Venti by JoAnne McKay

The Rejectionist explains publishing.

How’s your pronounciation?

ONS fans and friends’ adventures in Internetland: Howie Good was found by PoetHound // he’s also at a handful of stones, with Christian Ward // AND he’s interviewed here // Stephen Nelson is interviewed by Jim // he’s also been shortlisted for the Crashaw, most deservingly! // speaking of deserved… Regina is in the Ramshackle Review // and NEW POEMS MAKE ME HAPPY! Here are some fine ones from Kerri Ni Dochartaigh, McGuire and Alex Williamson

Hillary Clinton rocks my socks.

Amazing 100-year-old tinted photographs.

Got to love David Shrigley.

Yep (in my case, it’s my PhD supervisor).

I realise this is super superficial but I want this girl’s hair.

Octopus + tea = ultimate wisdom

…and speaking of which: no one likes you, Dave.

and I cannot lie.

Love this song, love this version.


And I just had to show this again.

Have a great weekend!

Photo by Thomas Hawk

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