Procrastination Station #87

Link love!

I finally got caught up with the Guardian Books blog after months of not checking my Google Reader (I am so never letting that happen again by the way… phew!). Some great stuff I found waiting for me:
Is reading overrated? // writing about depression and “the velvet rage” // where are literature’s daring heroines? // your past in books // ten of the best fictional poets // the return of chapbooks!

and some innnneresting Beat stuff, stirred up by the Ginsberg movie (at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse in t-minus eight days!)
Two quite negative reviews of the movie here and here (bloodboil at the latter’s — “the question of why we should read Ginsberg now is unanswered.” Well frankly, smug critic, if you’ve read Ginsberg and still can’t see why you should be reading Ginsberg, you’re clearly a bit of a dead loss as a human being, to be perfectly honest), but a more enthusiastic one here. Then there are yet more thoughts on the film here, if you’re not bored of the Guardian’s film windbags yet…
Lastly — some folk who knew Allen personally talk about him a bit. Yay!

A rhino statue in Edinburgh to celebrate the Paperback Bookshop? HELLS YES PLEASE!

30 chat-up lines from literature

Confessions of a literary magazine editor

Dave Coates reviews Alan Gillis’ latest at his fab new(ish) blog.


Chris Emslie features a great poem from Jon Stone

Want a literary t shirt designed by MARGARET ATWOOD? If you didn’t just say HELLS YEAH!, there is something wrong with you.

Contests specifically for young writers!

Folded Word (who’re awesome) have a new quarterly coming out.

ONS fans and friends: your movements this week…
Christian Ward at a handful of stones // new work from William Soule // new work from Lucy Baker // new work from Sharon Harriott (Facebook)

A moment to talk about Japan: what’s really happening in the Japanese nuclear reactors (and more on this) // 20 photos of the aftermath // and more from the Big Picture // one of the better blogarounds I’ve seen on the crisis // Donate (UK) // Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 (US) // wise words from FishnorFowl

I loved these photos of people dancing.

Amber Riley is amazing

That’s hot.

So it this.

Dear Media… a feminist rant

This is totally something my flatmates and I would do. Also from PassiveAggressiveNotes: Kitty Containment! // Oh. How embarrassing.. // My eyes!

I love owls.


Frickin’ love this song — and the video!

If you didn’t see it already, check out the video of the super-awesome zine workshop I hosted this week!

Zine Madness @ Tollcross Art Room 15th March 2011 from Stefanie Tan on Vimeo.

broken heart.. it usually sprays out love…, originally uploaded by bitzi ☂ ion-bogdan dumitrescu.

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