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One Night Stanzas has been going for two and a half years and has never had a blogroll, til now. Why? Because for the vast majority of that time, there was a Procrastination Station post every single Friday, without fail. Procrastination Station exists to document cool stuff from the web that week, and it seemed much more cool to plug a different happening from a favourite blog every week, than just to have a single link sitting in the ONS sidebar.

However, Procrastination Station posts have become less regular — sorry guys, I’m just super busy! — and I feel like I owe some folk a bit of limelight. Please do have a browse of the blogs and sites below… each has a wee description so you can decide before you click if it sounds like your kind of thing. But I guarantee they’re all packed with gold. Happy reading!

Stephen Welsh at Concrete Void Stephen Welsh is also known in these parts as Lovely Boyfriend — a title which automatically gets him top spot on my blogroll (among other priviledges, obviously). He is a damn fine experimental/concrete/visual poet and he’s just new to the poetry scene and the blogosphere. Please go check out his stuff, and give him some love.

McGuire at Notes from a Glaswegian Immaturity I’d class McGuire as one of the most exciting new poets working in Scotland at the moment. Writing in Scots and English and blurring the lines between page and performance, he’s been compared to Neruda, Ginsberg and Corso by more folk than just me. Check him out.

Chris Lindores at Non The Road Chris is another great upcoming young Scottish poet, recently described as “a beardy man of quick wit and self-deprecating humour” and, according to his pamphlet blurb, “a fucking funny guy.” See his latest work here, or check out his rarely-updated blog, Shit Stuff About Good Things.

Stephen Nelson at afterlights Scotland’s premiere visual poet — Stephen posts examples of his latest work here, and updates his readers on his publication progress. Really unique and exciting vispo and concrete stuff here. Check it out!

Kerri Ni Dochartaigh at she writes from a paper aeroplane One of Edinburgh’s most exciting young female poets. Read Kerri’s latest work here, and be amazed.

Dave Coates at Dave Poems A fabulous upcoming Edinburgh poet, Dave posts his latest poems here, and writes excellent, honest reviews of contemporary collections and anthologies. You can check out some of his older work here, too.

Daniel Watkins at Nothing to Report Daniel is a poet and playwright and he blogs about his latest projects (he just wrote, produced and directed a panto!), other stuff he’s up to, and er… Anna Kendrick.

Heather Bell at queenhrosie The latest work from brilliant US poet Heather Bell. Quirky, original, honest, dazzlingly brilliant poems.

Rob A Mackenzie at Surroundings Rob is a poet, reviewer and events organiser, and he blogs about all manner of contemporary poetry, arts and pop culture issues. He also writes reviews of new poetry collections and anthologies, and organises the popular Edinburgh poetry night Poetry At The…

Andrew Philip at Tonguefire Andrew posts his latest works, writes about contemporary Scottish poetic happenings and keeps his readers updated on his latest publications.

Morgan Downie at The Swiss Lounge Morgan, aka Swiss, posts great poems he’s come across on his travels, as well as chatting about his poetic activities and his passion for cycling. He also blogs occasionally at Travels in the Floating Elvis, where he posts his own work.

Mairi Campbell-Jack at a lump in the throat Mairi blogs about her life, work, poetry in general, politics, women’s issues and heaps more. She is also the editor of small poetry press Marvelou.

Jenny Lindsay at It’s The Party Line And I’ll Cry If I Want To Jenny is one of Scotland’s foremost performance poets, and an all-round excellent writer. She mostly blogs about politics here, but some poetry sneaks in there every so often.

Jim Murdoch at The Truth About Lies Frank, detailed reviews of books of all kinds; editorial-style posts on contemporary poetic issues. Jim is a legend of the literary blogosphere — go and see what he has to say.

Dr Julian Derry at OSqualitude Writer and academic Julian Derry gives his thoughts on topics as diverse as poetry, Darwin and the pros and cons of Twitter.

Michael MacLeod at The Guardian: Literary Edinburgh Beatblog Loads of info on Edinburgh’s literary and arts events, with guest posts from various Scottish poetry, literary and publishing types.

William Soule at fllnthblnk William is one of the most exciting young voices writing from the US at the moment — keep an eye on his work, he’s about to go supernova. He’s also the editor of the very fine Utah-based quarterly, The Clearfield Review.

Regina C Green at Red Bird Chronicles Regina is a US poet whose work is fun, sparky and original. Read her latest stuff, check out her numerous publications, and dig her passion for words.

Alex Williamson at Alex Williamson Poetry Brilliant poems. That is all.

Juliet Wilson at Crafty Green Poet A blog about Juliet’s own poetry, about her day-to-day life as a conservationist and ardent nature lover, about her work with Gorgie City Farm, and about her artwork and crafty activities. Juliet also edits the literary blogzine Bolts of Silk, which is well worth a look.

Marion McCready at Poetry in Progress Marion, aka Sorlil, blogs first drafts of her poems, talks about her publication highs and lows, comments on current poetry events and plenty more besides.

Chris Emslie at Quoi le Phoque? Chris describes himself as ‘a poet in training,’ and blogs about all things contemporary poetry, with some of his own work getting a look-in occasionally, too.

Russell Jones Russell blogs mainly about his publications, numerous speaking appearances and conferences, with some occasional opinion pieces, too.

Rachel Fox at More About The Song Rachel is currently on blog-holiday here, but More About The Song will not lie dormant forever. Poems, opinion, occasional rants and great warmth can all be found here.

JoAnne McKay at Titus the Dog JoAnne, aka Titus, uses her blog to post new work and to write generally about the writing life. She is a veteran of the Poetry Bus project and promotes her two excellent pamphlets, The Fat Plant and Venti via her blog, too.

Colin Will at Sunny Dunny Colin blogs from his hometown of Dunbar on all manner of poetic goings-on around Scotland, and beyond.

Kona Macphee at That Elusive Clarity One of Scotland’s best contemporary poets, Kona writes about everything Scottish, poetic, writerly and publishing-related.

Eric Hamilton at oldestboy Brilliant new work from New Jersey performance poet and hip-hop artist Eric, also known as Left Ginsberg.

Cassandra at Ophelia Blooming Poems, pretty pictures, whimsical thoughts. I like all of these things.

Howard Good at Apocalypse Mambo Oft-published US poet Howard Good posts new work, interviews, and links to publications, along with the occasional review.

Lindis Kipp at Miss Lovelace’s Cabinet of Curiosities Lindis is a writer and academic, but this is not a poetry blog as such. It’s just a tumblr full of awesome stuff, from lush photos of incredible libraries to geeky in-jokes from Star Wars and Super Mario. Hello escapism.

Lucy Baker at Dear Fish Lucy is a poet, Beat Generation enthusiast and one of my besties. This blog is primarily about her amazing travels and adventures, along with some very pretty outfits.


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2 Responses to “NEW: the One Night Stanzas blogroll”

  1. Titus Says:

    Some of my favourites there, but some that are new to me that I will check out. Cheers!

  2. Lucy Says:

    Thank you so much for the mention lady! You’re lovely!