Procrastination Station #91

Heart Shape Strawberries

Links of love from the past week!

So, I joined the ranks of cool kids and set up a Tumblr blog. It should really be called “cool shit I found on the internet,” as that’s all it’s for. It’s like a 24/7 Procrastination Station, basically. Clicky clicky.

You have TWO DAYS LEFT to submit to the Allen Ginsberg: STARRY RHYMES chapbook, edited by Lovely Boyfriend (sorry, Stephen Welsh) and myself. Hurry up!

Why libraries rock.

I really liked this writing prompt from Rachel McKibbens

And this could make a good writing prompt, too…

Do you write in bed?

Neil Gaiman rocks my frickin’ socks!

ONS fans and friends: your movements this week: Cassandra Key has published a collection! Very excited to read this! // and there must be something in the water, because Marion McCready has also published her first book! // A new poem from Alex Williamson // Loved this new poem from Swiss — warning: you will need Kleenex // Stephen Nelson is published at BlazeVox // Check out Hannah Radenkova’s illustrated guide to Paris!

This is terribly sad.

But things that make Katie smile make me smile too.

Passive-aggressive students: this really rang true with me, sadly!


Why I love Glasgow.

I am really excited to be reading on the same bill as Tony Williams this Sunday as part of Poetry At The… . Tony chose one of my poems for his feature in the Guardian, which basically made my year, and I absolutely love his poems. Check out this videopoem and see if you don’t giggle:

I have been relatively ignorant of Andrea Gibson’s work until recently, though my sister has been nagging me to check her out for absolutely ages. Watch this. All the way through — it wallows a bit, in places, but watch it for the ending.

It’s Watsky again… very cool video.

Have a great weekend!


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