Procrastination Station #94

Cheer and Heartsong

Hello! Yes, I’m still alive. ONS has been pretty quiet lately — I was away for most of the summer months on an epic West Pacific Coast roadtrip through three US States and a Canadian province, all via the delightful Greyhound bus network. And before I even realised was I back on home turf, I was straight back to work, getting to grips with a whole new academic year’s worth of bright and enquiring young minds (ahem). Things are still pretty mental, so posts may continue to appear only sporadically. But stick around, if you would be so good. Here are some cool things to brighten your Friday!

I am a huge fan of marginalia and discarded, book-related paraphernalia. This site is pretty much my dream blog, therefore.

The truth doesn’t come out in bumper stickers.” Amen to that!

You’ve got to love a great literary feud — check out some of the choice words dished out by literature’s brightest and best!

The great Neil Gaiman talks about American Gods as it hits its big birthday.

Can an empty text be a book? Is it writing? Rob Mackenzie is unsure.

I still heart the Rejectionist.

This appealed to the grammar Nazi in me: the Beatles’ use of pronouns.
Bidisha’s still yelling about gender inequity in the weird world of literary prizes, and I am still loving her for it.

Are you a fan of weird or old fashioned words? Click here forthwith!
Katie of Color Me Katie has the cutest cat ever.

I deeply, deeply enjoyed finding out what the 25 Geekiest Knuckle Tattoos Ever! are (no, really, I did).

This is going on my Christmas list.

Pretty typography makes me happy! (via @CheshireSpider)

Friday cuteness: kittens and turtles. You’re welcome. (both via Ms Thackaray)

My lovely sister made a new fireworks short film… very dark and beautiful.

George Watsky’s music is one of my favourite things in the world.

And speaking of Watsky… he plays Shakespeare in this epic literary rap battle!

Have a great weekend, all!

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