Procrastination Station #95

rainy day breakfast

A long overdue Procrastination Station! It’s nearly the weekend, guys! Enjoy…

I’ll be doing an official post on this soon, but I launched an editorial and manuscript service for creative writers. If you need help with your work, drop me a line!

Starry Rhymes is a loving testament to the work of an undeniably important poet. This shows in the care with which the chapbook has been conceived and collated.”
HUGE thanks to Chris Emslie for this lovely review of Starry Rhymes (< - click to buy a copy!). He also talks a bit about how the chapbook helped further his reading of Ginsberg here. What a legend!

I loved hearing that Chinua Achebe had kicked 50 Cent’s ass. Nice!

I’m also super-happy that the excellent William Letford is getting so much attention. He’s the new Edwin Morgan, I tell you.

Stephen Nelson finds poems in moss.

“When somebody says that they’re going to read me a poem, I can think of any number of things that I’d rather be doing.” Oh don’t say that, Tom Waits!

A list of indie bookstores in Scotland road trip, anyone?

There is no such thing as a popular poet, says Todd Swift. Black Ocean Press beg to differ!

“Ebooks: I hate them. It’s like making believe there’s another kind of sex. There isn’t another kind of sex. There isn’t another kind of book! A book is a book is a book.” Maurice Sendak gets a bit ruffled about things.

Literature’s greatest assholes.

“A student said to me yesterday, “I didn’t know professors could have long hair.” I said, “They can. If you do something well, people won’t bother you. That’s true in all professions. If you are the one guy who can fix the computers, you can keep a boa constrictor in your office. No one will say a thing.” His eyes flashed. Possibly he “went over to the dark side”… or something. I felt happy for 11 seconds.” Sean Lovelace voices some random thoughts about teaching creative writing.

Please help support Alyss, one of my former students, in her bid to make a documentary on freedom and Generation Y!

I loved Katja’s idea — taking a photo once an hour for a full day? So cool!

Great poem on Verbatim today reminded me a little of Allen Ginsberg, funnily enough!

This is incredibly freakin’ cool.

I just discovered the cool quirky t-shirts at Buy Olympia. Love!

Bear + Shakespeare + LOLcats font = magic. (More silliness from the past few weeks at my Tumblr!)

Have a great weekend!

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