Do you want feedback on your writing?

So yet again, I missed my own bloggiversary. One Night Stanzas turned a truly astonishing three years old in August this year — I really can’t believe I’ve had the staying power to keep it going all this time. Although posts have got scarcer as my work, writing and studies have got more demanding, I still receive emails all the time from writers of all walks of life. They all want, in some form, the same thing from me: help with, and feedback on, their writing.

Until now, I’ve generally only had the time to scribble a few lines of general encouragement back at most of these people, but as time has gone on I’ve come to feel more and more guilty about doing that.

Therefore, I have decided to start up a proper service for reading, editing and critiquing creative writing. Interested? Read on!

Poets: I can offer you help with everything from line-by-line workshop-style feedback on a single poem to an all-out manuscript service, and anything that falls between the two. If you need to put together a portfolio to apply to a creative writing course, if you want to get a book together, or if you just have some poems you fancy some responses to, drop me a line. I’ll give line-by-line notes, a written overview and concentrate on any particular elements you’d most like to work on.
You can email me at or Feel free to send an initial tentative email with questions and whatnot first if you like.
You can find out more about the poetry service right here.

Prose writers: I can help you with the arduous task of proofreading — as an eagle-eyed college lecturer, this is a big part of my day job, and as my students would doubtless tell you I am pretty darned thorough! I can also offer a wider reading of your work and offer line-by-line feedback and a written overview. I can also help you seek out additional resources to help you progress with your project. I am happy to look at everything from flash fiction to novels, essays to academic theses.
Again, drop me a line to or and feel free to prod me with questions, random thoughts, whatever!
You can find out more about the prose service here.

Who the heck does this woman think she is?! I hear (some of) you cry… if you want to check out my credentials then please do have a read of this, or you can click ‘About’ here at ONS.

Want a custom service that doesn’t really fit what’s written here? Want to meet in person and chat (I’m in Edinburgh)? Please do drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

I’d love to hear from you!

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