Christmas gifts for poets: Edinburgh Vintage

Edinburgh Vintage shopfront

OK, I’ll admit: Edinburgh Vintage is not exactly the obvious choice when it comes to presents for writers. However, I am a writer and if you bought someone something from my shop this Christmas, it would be a lovely Christmas present for me! So you’ll have pleased at least one poet…

Edinburgh Vintage is my sometime online secondhand clothing business, which I’ve been running on and off for two years. It was born of a need to make some extra pennies as a temporary (read: impoverished) lecturer trying to juggle a whole load of unpaid creative projects (literary magazine, small press, community arts initiative, etc). Since, it’s become a handy way to keep my collection of second-hand clothing at a reasonably manageable size. I also find it loads of fun.

1960s mod print shift
The super gorgeous tattooed goddess Martyna, modelling one of my favourite pieces currently for sale.

Etsy’s vintage shops seem to be all too often populated by two types of item: one, things that look exactly like the kind of stock you get at Urban Outfitters and two, vastly expensive genuine 1950s bespoke ballgowns that were each made for a woman with the measurements of a particularly skinny whippet (example). Edinburgh Vintage attempts to buck that trend by stocking clothes that a) aren’t obnoxiously hipsterish, b) you might actually wear out of doors and c) come in real sizes. I like certain clothing eras and styles: Mod, Skinhead, Ska, punk and anything 1960s, primarily. Mostly, that’s what you’ll find in my store.

Vintage kimono
A very pretty embroidered kimono, also modelled by the lovely Martyna.

As the Christmas shopping frenzy is upon us, I’ll be uploading new items as often as I can in the next little while. If you like what you see in the shop or in my previously sold items, stick around and check back regularly. Please note: I am totally open to handing out mates’ discounts, so drop me a line if you see something you fancy and I may well be willing to haggle! Enquiries to claire[at]onenightstanzas[dot]com.
Merry Christmas Shopping!

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