Featured poem, [we rush into the ocean. arms linked], by Regina Green

DAY /365 26/06/2011

[ we rush into the ocean. arms linked ]

we rush into the ocean. arms linked
water up to our chins. our legs maneuver
around each other’s bodies. chests pressed
the taste of salt. we forget the war on
the beach. the world says in wishful
rubbing there is nothing to fear. the
world says in murmuring happiness, how
dear you are. our mouths harbor every
human hour. our mouths are silvered fish
swimming home.

Regina Green is published in some very fine on-line literary magazines including most recently Lyre Lyre, inkscrawl, The Book Times, BoySlut, Metazen, The Delinquent and The Citron Review. For the month of April 2010 she was the featured poet at Contemporary American Voices. She is a therapist living and working outside Atlanta, GA. You can find her occasionally at redbirdchronicles.blogspot.com


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3 Responses to “Featured poem, [we rush into the ocean. arms linked], by Regina Green”

  1. Regina Says:

    thanks so much, claire, for featuring my little poem here. it’s truly an honor!

  2. Susan Says:

    Thank you for this poem and a new poet to follow! “We rush . . . ” is so present. I sat still for a minute relishing it and then went on to check out your links for this poet. (Regina! I love your work and your weblog with quotes from Oliver and Dillard. )

  3. Beth Says:

    Oh I love this one. Regina is one of my favorite poets!