Procrastination Station #109

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“If you’re a creative, you live in the loop. There’s probably no point in hating it. From all I can tell, after years of being in the loop myself, setbacks and doubts and overwhelm and procrastination are all part of the game. There’s no point in denying it. I’m pretty sure even Pablo Picasso sometimes struggled.”

Does procrastination make you feel guilty? DON’T LIE. You should read this.

Here’s a short, sweet poem by the great Jim Murdoch, of whose writing ONS has always been most fond.

Have you seen Stray Books yet?

Gratz to Jen Hadfield, whose work I utterly love, on her recent excellent news!

it seems a strange divisiveness that if say, you get a bunch of musicians together, they make music, but a bunch of writers and they start moaning and fighting (or, if you’re ian mcewan, cosying up to politicians). as in 1962, so much stays the same.

You may be an Irvine Welsh fan, but yaknow, Swiss has a point here.

Typewriter porn. LITERALLY. (Kind of sort of a little bit NSFW.)

Do you have an ‘insane’ writing story? Does it come close to any of these?

Although [the Williams sisters] enjoyed about as stable an upbringing as you could have in Compton back then, its problems were no mere abstraction: they supposedly knew to lie down on the court when gunshots rang out in the park. And there’s a story that Richard, when asked what he would do if his daughters ever won a Grand Slam, said he would go back and try to help the Crips who sometimes looked out for the girls during their practice sessions. “Venus Williams Is Straight Outta Compton!” read an early promotional poster their father made, to post on telephone poles.

I love this extensive piece on Venus and Serena, who’re most definitely on my list of personal heroines.

THANK YOU, xojane! I so needed this article in my life.

Whoah. I am so trying this tip from Color Me Katie.

This is the greatest hairdryer ever. CHECK IT OUT.

“Parking lots are not the fucking African savanna. You are not a lion, and I am not a limping zebra. If we’re on the fucking African savanna, you’re going to be a really dumb hyena, and I’m going to be a really pissed-off elephant. As you have since discovered, I’m not the one who’ll be running away with my tail between my legs.”

I just recently discovered the fabulous Lesley Kinzel, and now have a new ladycrush.

Got Kleenex handy? Good. You are about to weep.


Holy crap. I want to live in all of these.

This is the second most awesome thing I have ever seen…

…after this.

Heeee! This is pretty cool. (Thanks Lindis!)

& finally… O M G cute!

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