Things I Love Thursday #63

It’s been several months since I did my last TiLT, and I’ve had quite a summer! Here are just a few of the things I’ve been loving loads since I last expressed my gratitude here!

Rainbows everywhere!
Long, summery days in my sunshine-filled living room, crystals in the window throwing tiny rainbows everywhere, drinking tea, reading books, writing poems, not having to go to work.
(Like my mug? I got it from Rust Belt Threads, perhaps my favourite Etsy vintage store after Edinburgh Vintage!)

View from our living room window, Hydra.
Hydra, Greece — Lovely Boyfriend and I stayed there for a week, holed up in a tiny whitewashed-stone cottage, writing, reading, occasionally going out to swim in the sea or scratch the noses of the town donkeys. This^ was the view from our living room window!

My SUISS class of 2012
My SUISS class of 2012 — Jill, Joanna, Linda, Dan, Daniel and Sarah, thank you so much for all your hard work and inspiration!

Watsky x2 performers
I MET GEORGE WATSKY, and it was amazing! Thank you a million billion to McGuire, Ryan, Jenny, George and Paul for making One Night Stanzas presents Watsky x2 such an amazing success.

Sneak peek
A great summer for Edinburgh Vintage with tons of lovely new stuff being added to the store all the time, nearly 200 sales and some really lovely customer encounters! Thank you everyone who’s browsed, bought, clicked, liked, re-tweeted and given feedback!

Vegan pumpkin pancakes.
Yet more delicious vegan food — since my last TiLT, Lovely Boyfriend has also gone vegan! This means even more delicious vegan meals for my very happy belly. ^These are sweet potato pancakes with maple syrup, and they were UTTERLY LUSH.

Rainbows over Tollcross
Autumn arriving — my favourite time of year. I have already started taking autumnal walks, foraging for early brambles, sitting in the blustery Meadows with my boy watching cute dogs chase leaves, drinking amazing Chocolate Tree vegan hot chocolate, and planning my Halloween antics.

What are YOU loving right now?


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4 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday #63”

  1. Linda Kernan Says:

    Claire, you are the HAPPIEST person I know!

  2. Dan Dowe Says:

    Those pancakes look good! Fall is the best time of year by far. Thanks for sharing your very nice thoughts.

  3. Claire Says:

    Thanks you guys :) Dan — your Fall season must be so amazing. Always wanted to come to New England at this time of year (I guess everyone says that to you, though!)

  4. Dan Dowe Says:

    It is beautiful–just beginning this week–I will post some pics so you can see–I kind of take it for granted, having grown up with it here. Good fodder for some poetry–as long as I avoid the typical Fall phrases.