Things I Love Thursday #76

What have I been up to…? More baking.

When it comes to toppings, MORE IS MORE

These are triple orange vegan cupcakes. Zesty orange sponge, orange fondant filling (and some on the top), not-butter-not-cream icing, made uber-yellow by Lovely Boyfriend’s fancy-ass confectioner’s food colouring. And chocolate ganache. And fresh orange. And sugar stars. I basically decided that when it came to topping these babies, more was more. They were certainly appreciated by the gaggle of hungry board-gamers who sampled them!

Vegan peanut butter cupcakes

Lovely Boyfriend requested these instead of a birthday cake. They’re vegan peanut butter cupcakes with not-butter-not-cream icing, chocolate ganache and a smidge of added peanut butter. We snuck them into the pub and enjoyed them over birthday pints with friends. The best way to spend an evening!

Vegan double chocolate cupcakes

These were another request: my lovely sister wanted DINO CAKES for her birthday. These are classic double chocolate with chocolate ganache filling, not-butter-not-cream icing, and the required dinos. They look like they’re frolicking on tiny, daisy-spotted hills.

Vegan espresso cupcakes

And these are espresso cupcakes with espresso icing and dark chocolate flowers. For when you’re really, really tired and you need a caffeine hit AND a sugar high! These were produced, again, for a bunch of ravenous board gamers, and saw them through a particularly epic session of Eclipse!

Like-your-gran-used-to-make apple pie

Aaaand as well as cupcakes, I’ve also got well into baking pies. Yet again, this is thanks to my personal GODDESS, Isa. They’re weirdly difficult to photograph, so my previous efforts (all-American cherry, and blueberry-and-maple) have gone sadly undocumented. This baby is a classic, like-your-gran-used-to-make apple pie, and I think was my best effort yet (BRAG BRAG BRAG). So good with soy whipped cream, which I have just discovered exists… and it’s so good!

Want to see what else I’m eating? I started a Flickr set for all the things that are making my belly happy. PROOF THAT BEING VEGAN IS TASTY.


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2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday #76”

  1. Regina Says:

    oh, claire- outstanding! i am just about to make isa’s rosewater cupcakes and i just made her chocolate peppermint cupcakes- hubby’s favorite! and her apple pie is de-lish to say the least! i’m so happy you’re vegan! yay for us! and all our animal friends!

  2. Beth @plasticrosaries Says:

    We have not spoken for forever and a day but I still adore your blog and think all your advice is fantastic and all your posts are beyond inspiring :)

    Hope all is well,
    Beth :)