Can YOU give a typewriter a good home?

I am a typewriter. Please be my friend?

Hello. I am a Remington Standard 12 manual typewriter, and I am looking for a new home.

So guys, Lovely Boyfriend and I bought a house (…I KNOW). And although there is probably technically just about space in it for my collection of over 30 manual typewriters (yes, really), I decided that now might be a quite a good time to have a bit of a clear out. And as a result, the Remington Standard 12 here is in need of a new home (I have two of these guys. One really ought to be enough, right?).

I am a typewriter. Please be my friend?

As you can see, he’s a lovely big old desktop machine with classic handsome looks. You’ll also be able to see that for his age, Remington’s condition is pretty decent. A few knocks and scrapes, but nothing serious. (I got this typewriter about a year ago and have been meaning to give it a darned good clean, after which it’d look a whole lot better, but I didn’t get round to it. A bit of brasso and some warm soapy water and it’ll look fab.) The main thing is: this machine still types! It doesn’t currently have a ribbon fitted, but the carriage moves freely and all the keys work. The shift lock sticks a little, but a bit of WD40′d soon sort that.

I am a typewriter. Please be my friend?

Remington here has been a display piece, rather than a working typewriter, since he came to me. I think he looks rather fab just chillin’ out on a bookshelf, coffee table, or somewhere else where he can be (and is, trust me) adored by members of the public (or at least, the ones I invite over for coffee). However, there’s no reason why he can’t be turned into a working word processor.

I am a typewriter. Please be my friend?

Remington would like a new home. He would NOT like to be broken down and turned into tacky typewriter jewellery (the kind I used to make way back in 2008, before it became tacky, obv). If you’re a writer or enthusiastic about writing machines or you just want a really freakin’ cool doorstop, please get in touch. Offer to cross my palm with silver (just a wee bit will do), and if I reckon you’ll be a responsible typewriter owner, then he’s yours!

I am a typewriter. Please be my friend?

If you’re interested in adopting Remington, please email me via claire[at], or you can catch me on Twitter. You can leave a comment here if you prefer, but it sometimes takes me a while to wade through the moderation queue!

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