Featured Magazines #1

New Leaf
Website: http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/newleaf/default.htm
Editors: Ian Watson, Simon Mikhali, Julia Boll
Established: 1994
Based in: Germany
Submit via email: newleaf.editors@uni-bremen.de
Submit by post: New Leaf, c/o Dr I Watson, Universitaet Bremen, Fachbereich 10, Postfach 330440, 28334 Bremen, Germany.
Copies: 2 euros each

New Leaf was my first real magazine gig, which means it holds a special place in my heart… but even with my bias aside, it’s a great, friendly publication run by lovely people! The creative writing magazine of the University of Bremen, New Leaf is based in Germany but its editorial team are nomadic, popping up in various places all over the globe. Perhaps because of this, they’re open to receiving submissions from writers everywhere, and every issue is packed full of great writing by poets and storytellers from all walks of life. There’s hardly ever anything between New Leaf’s pages that I don’t love.
They have upwards of 25 print issues to their name – as well as a small press imprint – and much of the work they feature also goes online, so they’re pretty well established both in print and on the web. The magazines are really good quality, impeccably designed and presented – often with bright, funky covers! I know one of the editors personally, and I can happily say that the whole team are friendly, approachable and open minded.

Submission guidelines snippet: “All submissions are welcome and will be read; we are also interested in giving prospective authors feedback on their work, especially if we decide not to print it. … Apart from the length of the magazine, there are no restrictions as to style, genre, content or format.”

About New Leaf snippet: “We aim to provide a balance: between guests and home-grown writers; between beginners and experience; between poetry and prose; between Bremen and the wider world.”

Open Wide Magazine
Website: www.openwidemagazine.co.uk
Editor: James Quinton
Based in: UK
Submit via email: contact@openwidemagazine.co.uk
Submit by post: Not applicable
Copies: Free, postage 50p / £1 overseas

OWM is a seriously rock ‘n’ roll zine, loosely affiliated (I think – correct me if I’m wrong!) with the University of Chester, UK. Doing for poetry what punk did for popular music, this lot are hip trailblazers who know a fresh and original submission when they see one. They’re after work from poets, fiction writers and reviewers alike… they just want to appeal to your inner ‘humanist vibe.’
OK, seriously - these guys are really cool. They have an appealingly low-fi website (which – added bonus! – features Jack Kerouac’s face!), and they no longer charge for copies of the magazine, having recently realised that giving up half of their precious page-space to advertisers and essentially “selling out” really, really sucks. The magazine is published sporadically – you might have to wait a while for each new issue – but it’s well worth the weeks of waiting! OWM are a plucky bunch who laugh in the face of no funding. They send you lovely emails if you’re accepted by them and they do keep in touch in the gaps between issues. Check them out.

Submission guidelines snippet: “Open Wide Magazine publishes short, punchy, original fiction and poetry with bite. No previously published material or simultaneous submissions are accepted. … Poetry - Any length considered. No rhyming!”

About OWM snippet: “We were close to making [the magazine] a glossy, advert laden monster… we were becoming the thing we’d started out against. With a new found faith and passion came the revelation that the magazine had to go back to its roots. We had to strip it down. Down to the words. The words are what matter.”

The Delinquent
Website: www.thedelinquent.co.uk
Editors: Jason King, Jeremy Quinn
Based in: UK
Submit via email: submissions@thedelinquent.co.uk
Submit by post: Not applicable
Copies: £3.50 (order direct for £4.50 or download for 69p here)

OK, first of all, I am in love with The Delinquent’s cover art. On the front of their fifth issue, they featured a super-bright painting of a crazy, wide-eyed flamingo! They’re also a little bit different to your everyday creative writing magazine, and here’s why…
The Delinquent like their content a little weird. They’re not huge fans of formalism (and particularly dislike villanelles!), but I sent them haikus and they liked ’em, so they do have open minds. In fact, I’m not sure you could find a more open-to-whatever-weirdness-you-can-throw-at-them publication if you tried – they like compound nouns, concrete poetry and anything else offbeat you can think of. They publish three times a year through Lulu, and their prices are more than worth it for the high-end production values and great, quirky writing – which is supplied by unknowns and more established names alike.

Submission guidelines snippet: “Send us whatever works. Words on a page. Things that haven’t been done before. Poems. Short stories. Diagrams & folk art. Articles. Yr essence. … We’d prefer a selection of poems.”

About The Delinquent snippet: “The Delinquent runs nicely on unleaded at 3i pa, which means it issues at the end of March, July and November. Subscribe! For 3 issues… £10.”

Know of a great creative writing magazine that you’d like to see featured here? Get in touch - give me a link to their site, and tell me in a few lines why you reckon they’re so awesome. Maybe you’re the editor, or maybe you’ve had your stuff published by them. Maybe they’ve given you some great feedback on a piece they’ve rejected. Let me know about them!

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