Interview with Featured Poet Eric Hamilton

This week’s Featured Poet is Eric Hamilton, a talented young spoken word artist from New Jersey, USA. I’ve been featuring free-to-download audio recordings of his work on ONS over the past few days - check them out here and here. Now, Eric has been good enough to answer some questions for ONS… see what he has to say about his creative process!

Tell us about your poems.
My poetry comes from every part of me, although I always wrote, recorded and performed poetry for the love of the art form, and to release feelings (that would otherwise eat me alive) in a manner appreciable to myself and others.

How long have you been writing?
I started writing “raps” in 1st and 2nd grade of elementary school, which, since then, have evolved into the spoken word and open poetry styles I compose in today.

Do you have any publications to your name? What’s the next stage for your work?
This is my first publication, but I am no stranger to open mics, and performing in general. I hope to to shine my light in the New York and New Jersey scenes, and see further publications in my future.

What do you think is your biggest poetic achievement to date?
Performing in front of crowds and coffee shops from Pamona and Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. That, and finding out I’m not alone in the appreciation for my poetry and sound.

What’s the best thing about writing poetry? And the worst?
The best thing about poetry is when it falls upon minds as open as ears.
The worst thing about poetry is when it falls upon minds as open as ears.

Got any suggestions for young, upcoming poets?
Practice, Practice, Practice.
Release your talents publicly and alone, freestyle rhyming increases wit, and contributes to wordplay - as does recording and playing with the way your work sounds and comes across. Stop keeping it filed away in a journal you never open unless to write!

Who/what influences your poetry?
A life in playful pursuit of understanding.

Octopuss Baby Blood (free audio download - recommended. Left-click only!)

Octopuss Baby Blood (words)

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3 Responses to “Interview with Featured Poet Eric Hamilton”

  1. Lucy Wiggins Says:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for being such a creative and inspiring person! I popped over here via Gala Darling, and have not looked back since! I have enjoyed reading all of your posts, and am looking forward to more in the future! Thanks to you, I finally got off me lazy bum and entered a poem to Gloom Closet and was published! (I *squee* with excitement when I think about it!)

    So yes, anyway, just wanted to drop that note! Feel free to come visit me at!

    Much love!
    Lucy D.

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