Things I Love Thursday #9

What is TiLT? Why have it here?

Getting tattooed. Yesterday, I spent about three hours in the basement of a tattoo parlour, getting tattooed and watching tattoos being done, chatting to my artist and listening to great music. Sarah of Red Hot + Blue is a seriously talented girl who’s been tattooing for about five years now, and she’s really lovely - we had a great chat while I was under the needle, which meant I was much more relaxed than for my previous tattoo (it was with Roberto Siefert during his guest spot at Tattoo Zoo, Victoria… it was great, but he is not a talker and I was very nervous anyway)! Struan came along to watch as he is thinking of taking the plunge for the first time soon… and once I was done we stuck around to see our friend Lucy (see below!) get tattooed, too. Pics on my Flickr soon!

Spending time with Lucy. Lucy Baker is a sweet poet and a lovely lady - we’ve been friends for nearly three years after meeting on a creative writing course run by Alan Gillis. Lucy worked on Read This for a while, and we graduated at the same time… but while I’ve stuck around in Edinburgh getting my teeth into my MSc course, for the past couple of months Lucy has been travelling all over Europe. She spent some time recently working in Shakespeare & Co. and working behind the scenes for the stints Jeanette Winterson and Tobias Hill were doing there. However, Lucy is a California native and now that her travels are over, she’s heading back to San Francisco with just a brief stopover in Edinburgh. She’s here til Monday and so far we have a) spent an afternoon cruising tattoo parlours with our respective designs looking for a cool female artist to tattoo us, b) spent three hours getting tattooed together in the basement of Red Hot + Blue (see above!), c) invaded Struan’s Dad’s plush flat and picknicked on the living room floor, and d) attended the Golden Hour (see below!) It’s going to be really sad when she goes back to the States… but I’ll just have to plan another trip to San Francisco I suppose. Life is hard!

The Golden Hour, which you’re probably sick of seeing on my TiLT lists, but… tough. Last night was a particularly awesome evening and it deserves a mention. First up was Andrew Philip, who read a mixture of sad, funny and political poems with a lot of persona - sadly he left before I could say hello, though! Next came Beyond The Pale, who were unlike anything Forest has ever seen before I think… and absolutely amazing. They really set the mood for the rest of the night, which continued with a prose reading from Tracy Emerson and music from Asazi, who I’ve never actually seen perform before, even though he and I are both Forest regulars. He was absolutely phenomenal, no other word for it! He was followed by poet Russell Jones and a brilliant musical set from Pockets, now world famous thanks to YouTube. There was a bit of an afterparty once the business of closing up had been dealt with, and lets just say, I didn’t get much sleep last night as a result!

Being busy. Finally, I have to mention the fact that I have been crazily busy this past week. You’ve probably noticed… it has impacted on the amount of posting I’ve been doing, and I’m sorry about that - fear not! Normal service will be resumed! This weekend I am off to the Lake District with The Boy and my parents, and I’m planning to chill out and do some writing then. Being busy with various projects and activities is brilliant, but some downtime will definitely be welcome. Look out for my return to form on Monday… I’ll have heaps of new stuff up here next week, I promise!

Tell me your TiLTs!

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3 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday #9”

  1. Chris Lindores Says:

    Hmm, what has entertained/interested me in this past week…?

    The Golden Hour - see above for details. Always a worthwhile way to spend an evening. Linked to that is…

    Writing on myself - I tend to write (or have other people write) random stuff on my arms when pissed and take great joy in deciphering the next day. Perhaps a subconscious desire to get a tattoo… not sure if I’ll ever take the plunge though.

    Kevin Cadwallender - Discovered a few clips of him reading on youtube ( and Awesome stuff, can’t
    beat live poetry.

    Blueberry Boat by The Fiery Furnaces - Yes, them again, but a different album. Strange, wonderful, awkward, and beautiful music.

  2. Kim Says:

    Hi Claire

    Stumbled upon your blog through your interview on Icing, and I must say I love it. I’m so happy there are young people out there still interested in poetry, and what you are doing is great. I will definitely be a regualar reader. Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Claire Says:

    Hi Kim — welcome! Thanks for making your presence known, I hope you’ll stick around! x