Featured Magazines #6

Clearfield Review
Editors: William Soule
Established: 2008
Based in: USA
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/clearfieldreview/index.htm
Submit via email: clearfieldreview@yahoo.com

Hey, wake up guys - here is your chance to be part of an absolutely brand spanking new online zine! That’s always a good thing… one: you help keep brand new publications alive, and help them to grow, and two: your work gets more attention and focus from the eds and you stand a better chance of being published! What’s not to like??
Those of you who’ve been reading for a while might have picked up the link to Clearfield Review in a recent Procrastination Station, but for those of you who didn’t, this all-new zine is the brainchild of young, hip, Utah-based poet William Soule, whose work has featured more than once in Read This and who is surely destined for great things. A real pioneer for young writers and the writing community, Will decided to start his own zine in order to help writers like himself to get a good start in publishing. If you like the sound of that, get yourselves over there!
Will is running the magazine single-handed, but I have no doubt he’s doing a fair and rigorous job. A long-term community forerunner over at deviantART, Will knows all about analysing poetry and critiquing fairly. I also have no doubt that if you send him some stuff, he’ll respond to you as quickly as he can and he’ll always be polite and approachable. Basically, we need more zines like Clearfield Review. Submit some stuff, and show your support.

About Clearfield Review snippet: “A fledgling online magazine based in Northern Utah, Clearfield Review aims to showcase talented poets and writers from across the globe. Have some awesome poems or stories which need a home? Try submitting some of your work for the first issue of Clearfield Review!”

Submission guidelines snippet: “Clearfield Review is open to poetry and prose submissions year-round. Poems may be in any form or style, and prose of any length — they just need to be good!”

Bolts of Silk
Editors: Juliet Wilson
Established: 2006
Based in: UK
Website: http://boltsofsilk.blogspot.com
Submit via email: Juliet.M.Wilson@gmail.com

The motto of the Bolts of Silk blogzine is “beautiful poetry with something to say,” and it never fails to deliver vivid, thought-provoking poems from poets all over the world. Juliet Wilson - also known as Crafty Green Poet - is another hardworking editor, running the zine single-handed and dealing with heaps of submissions quickly and without fuss. Her emails are always friendly and if you send her a poem she likes, you can expect to see it up on the blog relatively quickly.
This blogzine has been around for over two years and has developed a bit of a reputation for delivering great poems… but it’s not like some other “established” publications. On Bolts of Silk you’ll find seriously established poets sharing the spotlight with relative unknowns - you’ll also find, if your poetry appears there, that you have some seriously discerning readers! Bolts of Silk is followed by all sorts of people and you never know who might be checking it out! Also, when Juliet kindly featured one of my poems, I got several nice emails from people who’d spotted it and just wanted to say “I liked your poem.” That doesn’t happen often, particularly with established zines, so this blog is a breath of fresh air all round!
I’d really recommend that you send some stuff over to Juliet. Don’t feel limited by the blog’s motto - the poems that appear are never too similar… there’s always something surprising. If you reckon beautiful = a sonnet about a rose garden, that’s cool; but I’m pretty sure that if you decided to write a poem that claimed beauty = a fox rummaging in dustbins, it’d still be considered for this blog. The important part is the “something to say,” and I know that you lot have THAT in abundance!
Even if you decide that you don’t want to submit, this zine is a great place to spend some time reading and getting inspired, so get on over there!

About Bolts of Silk snippet: “I hope this blog will feature poetry from across the world, poetry that has something to say and says it beautifully… Biographical details where available will be included in the comments section underneath each poem. Aditionally, contributors will have a link to their blog or website (if they have one) in the side panel as well as in the post that contains their poem.”

Submission guidelines snippet: “If you would like me to consider your work for publication, please send between three and six poems of up to 40 lines in length in the body of an email, with ‘Bolts of Silk’ in the Subject Line… I can accept poems in English, Scots dialects, German, French, Italian or Spanish. Please however supply English translations! Please include the address of your website or blog if you have one, so I can link to it!”

Got a blog, ezine, journal or magazine in mind that you think deserves some love? Let me know, and I’ll write a feature for you!

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13 Responses to “Featured Magazines #6”

  1. William Soule Says:

    Many thanks for the pimpage! And Bolts of Silk looks great; I’ve subscribed to it!

  2. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    Thanks for the great review!

  3. Ashutosh Ghildiyal Says:


    Another Webzie called, “Calliope Nerve” should be a good one to review. The Editor and Publisher is Matt “Nobius” Evelsizer.

    This is the website link: http://calliopenerve.blogspot.com/


  4. Ashutosh Ghildiyal Says:

    Another site of note is Mad Swirl. Madswirl.com by Johnny O

  5. One Night Stanzas » Blog Archive » ONS Spotlight: Bolts of Silk Says:

    [...] the editor of the Bolts of Silk, a blogzine devoted to words put together in a beautiful way. I did a write-up of it a while ago (including information on how to submit, which you really should do!), but I thought [...]

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