Things I Love Thursday #10

What is TiLT? Why have it here?

What I’m loving this week…

Halloween!!! OK, how could it not be top of the list?! I am majorly excited about Friday’s Festival of Samhain! Later today, I am packing up my hoarde of Halloween candy and clambering onto a train to Newcastle, where I will be attending my little sister’s epic Halloween bash! I’ll be dressed as Medusa (I was thinking Minnie Mouse but I’m now saving that for another event - see below!) in a zinging green ballgown and carnival mask + criminal amounts of eyemakeup, and I plan to rock the night away among a crowd of carved pumpkins, scoffing pumpkin cobbler and scaring trick-or-treaters. What will YOU be doing this Halloween? I want to hear about it!!

Having heaps of events to look forward to… and I mean heaps! Once I’ve finished OD-ing on Halloween, I’ll be rushing back to Ed in time for the 4th November, which is of course US election day. It also happens to be Chris Lindores‘ 21st birthday (exciting!), and he’s planning an epic all-night USA-themed costume party, so we can combine his birthday bash with an election-watching marathon. It is for this event that I’m planning to dress as Minnie Mouse (I’m off to the Disney store in Newcastle to select a suitable pair of ears!), and you can bet that I’ll be cheering for Obama until the break of dawn and beyond…
Then on 6th November, I’ll be at Edinburgh’s Meadow Bar, judging the VoxBox Over 50s Slam Contest. There’s already a stellar line-up of poets-of-a-certain-age and I am excited!! If you’re in the Edinburgh area - or even if you’re not - get down there… it’s bound to be an unforgettable event!
Then, on 9th November, I’m off to Poetry at the Great Grog. I’ve just been invited to join the PGG committee and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in.
THEN, on 14th November, Rachel Fox makes her Edinburgh reading debut. So I’m going to be seriously busy for the next couple of weeks! Not least because of…

Read This‘ first anniversary! It really doesn’t seem like a full year since the first ever copy of Read This shuddered out of a now-deceased copier in a cold and poorly lit room in the underbelly of the Forest… but it is! RT11 is now on the shelves, and we’re putting the finishing touches to our twelfth, first birthday issue. Over the past twelve months the team has received thousands and thousands of submissions from new, young and emerging writers all over the world, and we’ve published the work of nearly a thousand talented individuals. What’s more, we’ve provided several hundred young writers with their first ever publishing opportunity, and we hope we can carry that on for as long as possible! Read This has been on tour this summer, to Canada and to the London Poetry Festival, and we hope that the next year will bring even bigger and better things for the magazine. Thanks to everyone who’s submitted, subscribed, donated and helped out in any way… we love you guys!
To celebrate our first birthday, the RT team are throwing a huge party in the Forest on 12th November, which will feature poetry and prose readings from Lauren Pope, Ryan Van Winkle, Chris Lindores, Dave Coates and Hayley Shields, as well as music, dancing girls and fireworks if we can get ‘em! If you can be there, then be there! You will get free magazines and a huge helping of literary loveliness!

David Tennant …not in that way. He’s just a fine actor, and he’s very recently announced he’s leaving Doctor Who soon (a show I was forced to start watching regularly because The Boy is a scary die-hard fan). This sounds geeky, but… well, I’m sad and excited at the same time. He’s been pretty bloody good and because of him (and Catherine Tait) I’ve actually got interested in this particular show for the first time, but on the other hand I am really interested to see who comes next (and how they kill him off/regenerate him/whatever). My vote is definitely for Rufus Sewell as the next Doctor!!

What are you doing for Halloween? I want to hear about/see your costume ideas! What are your partying plans? Anyone going guising??

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3 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday #10”

  1. US Election On Best Political Blogs » Blog Archive » Things I Love Thursday #10 Says:

    [...] Things I Love Thursday #10 Once I’ve finished OD-ing on Halloween, I’ll be rushing back to Ed in time for the 4th November, which is of course US election day. [...]

  2. Rachel Fox Says:

    Thanks for the mention for the 14th Nov at Forest Claire. I hope some of you will still have energy left after your night on the 12th to make it out to welcome us! You young uns…you can probably manage more nights out a week than just the one!

    I should mention that Hugh McMillan is reading too (his new book ‘Postcards from the Hedge’ much in demand) and there will be music from Kim Edgar, Pauline Meikleham, Andy Spiller, Charlie Williamson and my pal Verona.


  3. Chris Lindores Says:

    Hmm, more or less the same as Claire’s…

    21st birthday - the 21st thing isn’t exciting (I am a bit older, wow), but silly themed party is good. Still need to construct a stovepipe hat from a Tennent’s box and paint it black, and get some kind of fake beard for dressing as Abe Lincoln.

    Read This’ birthday - will be awesome. No doubt I will get hideously drunk and make a tit of myself as I am wont to do in the Forest.

    Doctor Who - Very excited about who the hell they might get for the part. Speculation is fun…

    Sonic Youth - ‘Daydream Nation’ is a fucking brilliant album.

    Fallout - Specifically #3, but I started playing #2 last week in anticipation of the new one coming out. Fallout 3 has blown my mind into tiny pieces and is eating well into essay and dissertation time.