Procrastination Station #10


Link love… and as promised, it’s a Halloween Special!

OK, first up… Halloween Cakes! These ones are absolute works of art HOWEVER, these pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls and spiders are something else entirely!

Now, for the Youtube!

Aaaaw!! Sad and creepy… Now how about this lot…

Hilarious Halloween pranks… and what happens when they go wrong! (and how about this one on live TV?? - watch the woman on the far left, her reaction is rather extreme!)
Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without awesome pumpkins - particularly a certain singing one
… and speaking of Halloween movies, you can’t let Halloween pass by without watching at least one of the following: Young Frankenstein (best scene!), Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family (best scene)!
Plus, this used to truly scare me as a kid… and no Halloween is complete without this classic song!

Here’s a Halloween Party I want to go to!

…and, just to get in SOME literature:
Here’s a big Halloween poetry feature to feast your eyes on; you should also check out Halloween Poster Poems,, be sure to test your knowledge of famous literary witches, and see how you’d like to spend Halloween with Ray Bradbury…
Planning on dressing as something literary on Halloween? Show us your pics!

OK, now (reluctantly) on to other things… like, How To Achive A Productive State of Mind, and discovering your “inner artist.”

The location of a poem is a big deal…

…and if you’ve got a poem on the theme of “feeling small,” here’s your chance to workshop it. I’ve submitted something!!

Speaking of submitting - this poetry contest closes on November 2nd, but if you’re in NZ, you should definitely check it out!

Here’s some good writing adviceand here’s some really bad writing advice.

Check out these brilliant, funny redesigns of classic book-coversand see if you can guess a book’s Amazon rating by its cover!

For once, it looks like someone’s made a good Beat film!

It’s thank you time again… a huge thanks to Canongate Publishing for making One Night Stanzas their site of the week! They’ve given the blog a brilliant write up. Also thanks to Poethound and Ron Silliman for featuring my interview with Jim Murdoch (parts one and two here) - and thanks to Jim for his part in that!

…and finally, just a bit more Halloween goodness: how freaking cool is this Halloween costume?!

Happy Halloween from LuLu(Image by Lisa Kettell)

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3 Responses to “Procrastination Station #10”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    Elephants on parade! Ahh, that was my favorite scene :)

  2. William Soule Says:

    Poor pumpkin! Another proof of the horrors of cannibalism!

  3. Colin Will Says:

    Gregory Corso impressed me hugely when I discovered his poetry in 1961, and I still admire his work now. He was probably the most ‘literary’ of that generation, but he combined it with passion and humanity. Unlike some other, more famous, writers of the time, he was more interested in others than in himself.