Procrastination Station #1

Photo by Tearoom.

Welcome to Procrastination Station, a.k.a my ‘look what I’ve found on the internet’ outlet. It’ll be a weekly thing; I shall distract you cruelly from the matter in hand (your studious reading and writing) and deliberately give you heaps of other things to think about… shiny shiny links to interesting stuff which will hopefully inform you, inspire you, make you smile and generally enhance your life!
So here goes…

After all the hype around the Beijing Olympics, one Times columnist is calling for a Poetry Slam Olympic Title…

…and, in related news, a Russian man is shocked to find he has written his first poem, inspired by the Olympic torch!

You still have time to vote for the Oddest Book Title of the Year

…and you can find out whose work won the title of Worst Writing of 2008!

Need a fascinating character for your writing? Do some people-watching with these fabulous street-photographs by Albrecht Tubke.

Chloe Garner tells us why the UK needs a female Poet Laureate

…and here’s a good candidate: the wonderful, silky-voiced Jackie Kay talks Scotland, childhood, poetry and identity in a brilliant interview for CBC Radio.

Audrey guest-blogs at iCing, on Being OK With Who You Are.

This is a very disturbing account of how publishers can prey on unsuspecting poets (it doesn’t happen often, but take heed!), which I thought I ought to pass onto you…

…but I also wanted to pass on the advice of lovely Edinburgh poet Alice Howlett, who tells you how to avoid negativity on the internet.

Got a link you think I should see? Let me know via the comments box, or here.

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2 Responses to “Procrastination Station #1”

  1. One Night Stanzas » Blog Archive Says:

    [...] What is this? [...]

  2. Bob McDearmid Says:

    My favorite poet of the month is Imtiaz Dharker.
    I’m beginning to wonder if she is my favorite ever,
    the more I read the more I like.
    You can listen to two of her poems here:

    and here is a taste of me:

    How far can you see poetically?

    My eyes allow
    me to see
    across the surface
    to the horizon.

    Poetry allows
    me to see
    the whole world
    inside out.