Procrastination Station #12

Here are my loveliest links from the past week!

This Monday, of course, was Armistice Day… and to mark the occasion, here are some of the best war poems ever written:
In Flanders Fields // Memorial Tablet // On Somme // Dulce Et Decorum Est // Bombardment // Suicide in the Trenches // It’s A Queer Time.
Lest we forget.

Also from the Guardian Books BlogIf you know literature, you know the world // NOT everyone has a book in them // Terza Rima Poster Poems // Can you write a memoir of your life in 6 words? Yes? Submit it! // Instructions for writers // The tragic poetry of hip hop // Writers and their kitties!

If you’re one of the many young ‘uns who reads ONS - make the most of your youth!

Check out these great four-line poems.

Dumb Little Man promises that things will always seem better in five years time… just make sure you write it all down along the way! (and if you can’t, try zapping your creativity!)

Now you know where “that phrase” comes fromand what “that, er, thing” is actually called!

I just found this AMAZING video - done entirely with the power of the human voice and some mixing software!

Modcloth are celebrating my favourite bird… the owl!

…and if anyone wants to get me an early Christmas present, a “One Night Stanzas” or “Poet” version of this would be amazing!

What have you been watching on the web this week?

(Photo by Iris_muni)

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3 Responses to “Procrastination Station #12”

  1. Ali Hale (from Alpha Student) Says:

    Thanks for the links. :-) Both the ones to DLM and the one to Alpha Student. I think that’s the first time someone’s linked to THREE of my articles in one post before — wow!

    The four-line poems show just how much can be said in a small space (and without the usually-humourous effect of haiku), thanks for pointing me towards them too!

  2. Claire Says:

    Ali — No worries… keep up the good work!

  3. Maggie Says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! :) We heart owls (and one-night stanzas)…