Beware: meme questions!

Someone sent this to me and I thought I’d post it here. It’s only seven questions, but if you don’t like these things, scroll down quickly now!

1. Do you play an instrument?
Until the age of about ten I had piano lessons, but I reckon I was always disastrously bad. My Dad has been playing piano and organ since childhood and is really darned good, so I think it was a bit of a disappointment to him when I turned out to be rubbish. I took up the violin for a few months in primary school but quit because I hated my teacher (she hated me too because I didn’t practice)! But here’s a confession: I do play the recorder. I took it up in primary school like everyone else, but just never really quit - I played all through high school and ended up in the school orchestra. I played descant, treble, tenor and bass and got to about grade seven. Recorders really can sound nice when played properly and the stigma they carry really upsets me! I don’t play too much anymore but I still dig all my recorders (including a transparent blue plastic one!) out every so often!

2. Do you like your name?
No… in just about any British accent it sounds like someone spitting something out. I don’t really relate to it, and I don’t always answer to it because most other people call me by a nickname, including pretty much every member of my family! The Boy calls me Bob (it’s a long story) and I feel like that’s more “my name”, oddly!
Because I don’t like my name (and because my sister got a much nicer one!) I am determined to give my children interesting names (but not too interesting; no Apples or Xaviers or anything). My all-time favourite boys’ name is Dashiell (as in Hammett… pronounced “Dash’l”) and I am determined that, if I ever have a son, that’s his name. No one else is getting any input… it’s Dashiell.

3. Who’s the most famous author you’ve ever met?
Margaret Atwood. She came to Edinburgh to do a reading with Lewis Hyde, and I went along with a couple of people who sat through the reading and then scarpered. I bravely waited to meet The Atwood and then rather embarrassed myself by getting starstruck and garbling at her. But she was lovely - very smart and arch and a little bit scary, but also quite sweet… and very very small, with huge wild white hair like a dandelion clock.

4. What qualifications do you have?
I have an MA with Honours in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, which I got onto by working my butt off in high school and bagging five Highers (English, History, Art, French, German) at A grade. I also have two Advanced Highers (English and History)… well, three technically - art, too. Except I failed, so I keep it a secret! I got a 2.1 in my degree, and I’m now chipping away at an MSc in Creative Writing, also from the University of Edinburgh. If I do OK and I can find the ca$$$h, I might also do a PhD. Watch this space…

5. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever done?
When I was in high school I worked a couple of seasons as a day-lamber and general farmhand. We lived in the middle of nowhere at that time and I somehow got roped into doing some farmwork for a friend of my mum’s who ran a sheep farm with her husband. I became an expert at catching lambs (they’re fast little critters), working out where ducks hide their eggs (in the most hard-to-get-at places) and driving a quadbike and trailer. I also delivered a baby cashmere goat, which was named Askew in my honour! It was a pretty awesome job but very bizarre and more than a little mucky…

6. What’s the worst thing you’ve had to confess to doing?
The worst confession I ever made was when I had my first tattoo, and had to tell my mother. I was in Canada at the time and wanted to call her straight away after I’d had it done, and get it out of the way, but the time-difference meant that I had to lie awake all night worrying about what she’d say before I could finally call her! Her reaction wasn’t too extreme so it was OK in the end, but I’ve never felt so guilty and awkward in all my life… cringe.

7. When did you feel really, really daft?
Erm… a couple of years ago someone told me Paul Newman had died (he actually just died recently - RIP Paul), and I went around saying to everyone “did you hear Paul Newman died?” only to discover it was total rubbish. I also though that Washington DC was in Washington State for a really long time… then I went to Washington State and felt like a twit. Geography is really not my strong subject!

OK guys, I want YOU to jump on the meme bandwagon, too!! Post your answers in the comments box, or if you have your own blog, post them there and link back!

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8 Responses to “Beware: meme questions!”

  1. William Soule Says:

    And I thought you were totally joking with your answer here!

  2. Rachel Fox Says:

    Some great details here - what with the bobness and the lambs and the recorders and the atwood. I feel you should be a character in one of those really long borders folk songs.

  3. Eleanor Says:

    i was on my facebook and my boyfriend said he would like to have your surname so he could be called “huw askew”!

  4. Charlotte R Says:

    I love your tattoos!

    Also, I like your name - your surname is so unusual! But if you hate it, take a leaf out of Gala Darling’s book and change it?

  5. Lauren Gascoigne Says:

    I’ve just had to spend a long time looking up degree definitions for MA and MSc etc. (Which all finally makes sense now I know English and Scottish degree definitions are different.) You would think any school I had been to in the past would have told me all about this and not let me wander into university so ill-prepared. Deary me.

  6. Beth Says:

    I am stealing this for my blogland and will link back (of course) :)

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  8. Deloras Gumaer Says:

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