Featured Magazines #8

Bottom of the World Magazine
Editors: Frank M Vorassi
Established: 2008
Based in: UK
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/bottomoftheworld
Submit via email: fm.vorassi@gmail.com

OK, let me start with this statement: Bottom of the World is awesome. It’s pretty much the best-looking print-on-demand magazine I have ever seen, it’s full of really great writing from all over the world, it’s a really reasonable price for what you get, AND it’s named after a Tom Waits song. What more could you ask for?

I first discovered BOTW before it really existed, and as soon as I heard the editor’s ideas about the magazine I was excited. The team are a really friendly, approachable bunch - they’re all writers themselves, they all do the submitting-to-magazines thing and they all know the pain of rejection and the awesome feeling of being accepted. They are you: young, struggling to write and keen to get published. As a result, you won’t get any snobbery or “we’re very busy so don’t email us”-type stuff from BOTW - the submission guidelines are pared back to the bare minimum and made as accessible as possible. That said, this is a pretty professional outfit - the magazine comes out roughly quarterly and the team work under reading periods with short breaks in between while they put each issue together. Submissions are accepted from all over the world but whittled down to around twenty writers per issue. The quality of the writing is always great, but the choices aren’t predictable - the team will take you on if you’re good, regardless of whether you’re a bit weird or not…

I really admire what the BOTW team (technically only two people) have achieved with their first two issues. I’d really encourage you not only to submit your work to this magazine (because I’m pretty sure people are going to start hearing and talking about it soon), but also to buy yourself a copy. You get such a great product for your money, and this is a publication that really deserves your support. So what are you waiting for? Get over to their site and check them out!

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