Things I Love Thursday #14

Thanksgiving Things I Love Thursday!!

Cheesy pop songs …you know, the kind you’re really not supposed to like. It’s Alesha Dixon’s fault. I’ve had that song stuck in my head for a week, and why? Because, like it or not, it’s a great pop song. Great pop songs are the ones that you can’t stop humming to yourself - they’re the ones you eventually have to buy because they just won’t leave you alone! (I have managed to resist buying Alesha’s single so far, however, despite the fact she was awesome on Never Mind The Buzzcocks - alongside, by the way, the incredibly hot Kelly Jones - the other night.) So for the past few days I have been listening to loads of great quality, dreadful pop music, like this (major product placement in that video!), this and - perhaps worst of all (the costumes! The miming!) - this. Music snobs, take your best shot! Just bear in mind that these guys were considered bad and cheesy once upon a time, and this was actually labelled “a novelty record”. Muaha!

Photoshop disasters. The Boy and I discovered this a couple of days ago and we’re now pretty addicted. Some of this stuff just beggars belief! This one is particularly lame!

My new project. I’ve just got on board with a big new poetry project that’s set to explode onto the Edinburgh scene in about mid 2009, and I am pretty darned psyched about it. I can’t really say too much as it is still very much in the formative stages… looking for funding, budgeting, all that boring stuff. However, the planning so far has been great fun and it looks like it could all work out really well. It’ll provide a really good opportunity for unknown poets to get involved, so I’ll be calling on you lot to pitch in at some point in the future. Exciting!! Watch this space!

Talking to artists. I seem to be doing a lot of this lately - in fact, I just got off the phone with Laura Mossop, artist of the ONS title-image fame! Talking to artists is great and I should do it more often - they really do see things differently to other people. My sister is a graphic designer and always incredibly busy, but she still makes time every day to scribble in her sketchbook and make visual notes of stuff she’s seen that day. She lives with another artist and their flat is like a crazy little gallery - they have their own artwork, friends’ artwork and even artwork they found in skips, just scattered all over the place… they also have a wall covered in clocks which they found in thrift stores, and the kitchen walls are covered in collages of pictures of food they’ve cut out of magazines! Artists always seem to be visionary, optimistic and brave people, I always feel inspired (although sometimes intimidated!) talking to them. Befriend one and see if you can see what I mean!

Free time. Term is winding down, and I am really looking forward to having a whole month of free time when I can hang out with my parents, and get some writing done. I plan on just reading, writing and blogging over the holidays and hopefully I’ll get some good poems down. With things at Uni slowing down a bit this past week I’ve already had a chance to write some new stuff, so hopefully that’s a good omen. Fingers crossed!

Thanksgiving. For the past two years I’ve kind of got into the habit of celebrating Thanksgiving despite the fact it’s not a UK festival - I have a friend who always cooks a huge Thanksgiving dinner and invites all her friends over! Sadly, she just moved back to the States so Thanksgiving this year is a smaller affair for me… but I still think that taking time to think about what we’re grateful for is something we should all do. That’s partly what TiLT is about after all, so I hope you’ll all write a TiLT list this week… and hopefully check out my Thanksgiving “what are you thankful for?” contest, too!

What’s on your Thanksgiving list?

(Photos by KT Lindsay)

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4 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday #14”

  1. Chris Lindores Says:

    Just one this week, and something I must share…

    Ivor Cutler - I remember first hearing him when my Standard Grade art teacher put him on and upset the more neddy members of the class. ‘I’m Happy’ is the first one I remember hearing: My art teacher used it as his answer machine message apparently and random people would phone him in the middle of the night to hear it. Anyway, I downloaded (but I will be buying some, as there’s not much online) 241 songs of his, which sounds a lot, but they’re about a minute long on average. Lots of silly songs/poems/stories/jokes that make me near shed a tear with joy. Even listening to him talking on BBC sessions is needlessly interesting. Get on youtube and watch ‘Shoplifters’: and various other things, and then buy some albums (only three quid on amazon). The spectacular story ‘Eggmeat’ (there is a random French advert at the start, but ignore that):

  2. Cee Cee Peniston Says:

    The Best Dance Album In The World Ever (1993) which after the Best Dance Album In The World Ever Vol 2, became the first.

    The chills that you
    Spill up my back
    Keep me filled with
    Satisfaction when we’re done
    Satisfaction of what’s to come
    (I) I couldn’t ask for another

    Groove is in the heart ya ya .ya ya ya

    On the walkman perma-loop, forty feel good classics, go buy it.

  3. annie Says:

    /whine. Photoshop disasters should’ve been in Procrastination Station. I just wasted about an hour there laughing at two months worth of entries! :)

  4. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    Your new project sounds exciting, I’ll keep an eye out…