Things I Love Thursday #18: Christmas Day Special!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! OK so as you can imagine, this is going to be a fairly short and sweet post, my apologies! Here we go with a very festive lovelist…

Beautiful frosty mornings running up to Christmas, waking up with Christmas carols on the radio and feeling excited!

The Boy being done with work and officially on Christmas holiday! I have been at the ‘rents house for nearly two weeks now and feel like I haven’t seen him in months… poor boy.

Christmas Eve. This year my poor sister was slaving away in Waterstones til 8.30pm (her new name is Bob Cratchitt, apparently), so my Dad and The Boy leapt in the car to drive down to Newcastle and whisk her away from the last-minute-shopping hideousness. My aunty Jude and her dog Mouse (yes, really) arrived from Kendal in the Lake District to spend the next few days, and of course my Mammie and I instantly cracked open the Martini! We basically sat in the living room chatting away and sipping cocktails in front of the fire (bliss) until Dad and Boy arrived back with my poor, bedraggled sister. We revived her with chocolate and settled down to watch Carols from Kings, then just before midnight we opened our Christmas Eve presents… small, silly joke presents, basically! We then snuck off to bed leaving a mince pie (home made by me!) for Santa (or, erm… for Mouse to steal in the night!)

Christmas Day: up early, turkey in oven. Fire lit in living room, because it’s baltic in there. Tea and toast with Scotch whisky marmelade (yum). Present-opening in pyjamas. More tea, Foxes biscuits (we always get a box of these from some wrinkly member of the family), then Martini / Lycheeni (vodka, white rum, cream of lychee) / Snowball / Pom Fizz (pomegranate juice, ginger ale, vodka) / Sherry / boring old wine, depending on your taste! We all get dressed up to the nines (like, really. Pictures soon!). Jude, Mammie and I do the dinner while Dad, Boy and Sister veg out… as usual. Dinner is massive and amazing (turkey + all the trimmings, plus meat-free delights for the veggies). “The Corset-Buster” pudding (chocolate shortcake case, coffee ice cream filling, butterscotch topping, made by me) very good but basically lethal. Much sitting around and trying not to move after dinner, + more cocktails. Very late tea of turkey sandwiches, Wallace and Gromit and Strictly Come Dancing. Much chattering, more cocktails, probably very late night. YAY.

Bondi… the bulldog in the pic above! How freaking cute is he?! I want to keep him!! More pictures here.

Honourable mentions: Huge cozy duvet // Hearing sleet-flakes against the window at night // Seeing my lil’ sister… even if only for three days :( // Christmas paper scattered all over the floor in a huge crazy rainbow nest (lots for the recycling!!) // Making exciting plans for 2009! // Making decisions about my forthcoming collection (eee!) // Long talks with my Mammie // Christmas lights in all the little Border towns // Peace and goodwill to all men!

(Photo by Heidi and Bondi)

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