Procrastination Station #25

Valentine’s Procrastination Station!

OK, lets get the Valentine’s Day stuff out of the way first! Gigantic natural hearts, photographed from the air // it’s not too late to order one of Amanda Oaks’ fantastic valentines/anti-valentines… or a helpless romantic valentine (well, OK, it is… but a belated Valentine is better than no Valentine at all!) // + check out Amanda’s Valentine fortune cookies! // Fantastic valentine cakes… and hideous ones! // Why won’t anyone date me? // An amazing tattooed & loved-up couple… // A sweet Valentine poem (that Amanda again) … and a less sweet one from Kevin Cadwallender // + cute!

Take a spelling test!
(I only got two wrong!) // Elegy workshop: the results // Poster poems: old age // Michael Rosen is my hero // What bibliophiles hate about books // Do poets do themselves justice?

What use is poetry in hard times?

Lovely poetry poster

Project Verse (the poetry version of Project Runway) seeks applicants!

What do editors look for in the first line of a poem?

Potlatch: a great poetry resource

Amazing book autopsies and cool sketchbooks.

A lovely literary tattoo.

Pay attention to this… but please, please not this.

Yet more urban decay… The Decadence of Decay // The Abandoned // Lost Ohio // Lost Midwest // Devoured by the jungle

How to be happy.

The most amazing streets in the world… and amazing things caught on camera by Google maps!

Want to find your favourite famous person on Twitter?

Found online this week: Former Featured Poet Simon Freedman @ Poetcasting // Former Featured Poet Eric Hamilton being cheeky // Former Featured Poet McGuire is losing it… // Former ONS contest-winner Beth is TiLTing! // The lovely Rachel Fox was featured on a handful of stones // + thanks to this week’s Featured Poet Juliet for her little mention of ONS!

Have a loverly weekend!

(Photo by ‚ô•babybee)

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3 Responses to “Procrastination Station #25”

  1. William Soule Says:

    Grr… I got four wrong on that test. Some of those words are darn tricky!

  2. H. Says:

    I got five wrong! But … they chose like, ALL the words that I can never, for some reason, remember how to spell. It was kind of terrifying taking that quiz, because I am a terrible nazi speller, and I learned that I actually notice when things are spelled ‘oddly’ or ‘perhaps wrong’ but rely too much on spellchecks. dashjdhasjkhsdajk!!!

    And - hahahaha you included that news article. Nice! The real wonder is his weird comments back, like … all nice and sweet (perhaps someone is more frightened than I am of being banned?!)


  3. Lindis Says:

    I only got one wrong! woohoo! :D also, good God at the discussion with dear Heuue at dA…. some people are just so full of themselves.