Procrastination Station #22

Link x love x list (and yes, I am obsessed with cute dawgs)!

Apparently I am not the only one who was pretty unimpressed by the inaugural poet… sorry, Ms Alexander, but… FAIL.

But! Amazing pictures from the inauguration — clicky clicky (I love #10)! // Poems for Obama (video) // The real show-stopper was that hat.

How Jen Hadfield won the TS Eliot Prize (wait, I already know this — by being awesome!)

A little something from Marilyn Hacker… & Anne Sexton

I just found the Flickr Phoetry group… some pretty good stuff there!

Re: this posthere’s a list of poems, poets and poetry quotes that appear in movies. How many do you recognise?

Need motivation? Just ask The Good Doctor!

Or, you could just make more hours in the day.

Gala has written a cool post on surviving Mercury Retrograde could also just apply to crazy times.

Inspiring quotations from the incredibly sweet Society of List Addicts blog

“We got plague all up in this bitch”: impressing women through the ages!

I am a huge fan of Beatles illustrator Alan Aldridgemy first tattoo is based on one of his illustrations. And now you can get STUFF with his art on it!

(Photo by Defekto)

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7 Responses to “Procrastination Station #22”

  1. H. Says:

    As a bad American, I did not watch the inauguration (though I get a little leeway for backpacking in a symbol of America itself, the Grand Canyon, haha).

    I watched that video you put up there, though, and it just made me really sad. Really, really sad. But what made me the saddest was the article about how the poem was not up to par and the comments wherein people, American people who can read the English language and have the ability to think - were defending this woman, saying that she did not write it for the ‘poetry elite’ but for the common person watching television.

    There is no ‘elite’ in poetry, and people need to realize that. But they also need to realize that poetry IS an art, and if it was not an art, it would be in a Hallmark card that a kid could have written. There is nothing wrong with a piece of work that makes you think and blows you away, America, and with your defense of this woman’s scratched together at the last minute piece (I can only hope), you have greatly saddened me more than anything.


  2. William Soule Says:

    I thought the poem was okay, although it definitely could’ve used more “poetic flair” or whatever; however, I don’t think the poem’s as bad as many people are making it out to be. Her delivery, though, definitely needed some work, I think!

  3. Maggie’s Blog » Blog Archive » Praise Song For the Day (the Inaugural Poem) « Bookish Penguin Says:

    [...] One Night Stanzas » Blog Archive » Procrastination Station #22 [...]

  4. H. Says:

    As a side note: this made me want to die:

    It’s like it was like a new president came about and it made everyone write really really awful poetry about it.

    Dear god.


  5. Emmy Jarosz Says:

    One other fascinating put up! This is among the few blogs I can return to on an everyday basis.

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